A Philadelphia hotel grows a mix of houseplants while its owners travel

There are many different types of hotels, no longer limited to tourists, travelers or those wishing to go on vacation, other specialized types have emerged that are limited to families with children, e.g.Pet Grooming Hotel When their owners travel.

Among the hotels that are beginning to gain notoriety are those that house temporary plant life while their owners travel, including this surprising hotel in Philadelphia, the second-largest city on the East Coast of the United States.

Yolanda Palmer leads visitors through lush branches of plants and shrubs, tall ferns and fig bushes, and happy palm trees with leaves that look like Swiss cheese to the 300-square-foot plant hotel behind her plant shop.

A Philadelphia hotel keeps its house plants until their owners return from travel and vacation
Different types of aloe vera in clay pots on the windowsill, you can maintain your plants while traveling (in German)

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that there are 10 varieties of red clivia, hibiscus, succulents and cacti, all growing in the sun and cloudy, high-energy infrared light from floor-to-ceiling windows, which turns the stems a vibrant green.

Palmer repots plants and seedlings into larger pots and fertilizes them, then sprays them with neem oil to repel insects. The next step is to develop a strict and precise watering schedule for the plants she grows, because too much water is worse than too little.

Caring for the hotel’s plants includes implementing a plan to treat diseases that affect them, treating bruises on leaves until they heal, and treating the soil to eliminate viruses lurking in it.

When plant owners return from vacation or travel, or after working abroad for several months, they find their shrubs, cacti, agaves, and snake plants healthy and vibrant, and most importantly, ready to return home refreshed.

The mother asked her daughter to have a hobby that would absorb her energy, so taking care of plants became her biggest hobby (Pixel)

This is how the idea was born

“I’ve always had lots of plants and pets at home, and I always want to have them when I travel,” said Palmer, who charges $75 a week to host and care for plants and flowers at her property and provides care at clients’ homes. “I have someone to take care of her while I’m away.”

Palmer, 52, grew up in Southwest Philadelphia in the 1980s and 1990s. To help keep her out of trouble, her mother asked her to have a hobby that would occupy her time and energy, and that’s where caring for plants became her biggest passion.

After 14 years as an accounting and billing coordinator for a company that provided public healthcare services, where she became an expert at preparing spreadsheets and budgets, Palmer quit her corporate job in 2019 to make her her hobby. She needed a place to store her plants, so she set up shop at Jerry's Corner Market (flea market) and sold plants 3 days a week.

Palmer consulted potential plant lovers, people who travel can buy snake plants, horsetails and aloe vera because they don't need a lot of watering, while for people who have pets at home, they may want to buy ferns or tropical hoyas because they don't need a lot of watering. Leaves… Non-toxic.

In 2021, it moved into a vacant space on Germantown Avenue that was previously a cafe-turned-antique store.

A) Title: Plants and trees that purify the air in your home and improve your mood and mental health
Palmer: I used to have a lot of plants at home, and when I travel, I like to have someone to take care of them while I'm away (Shutterstock – Expressive)

Helping People

“What really sets me apart is that I help people take care of their plants, and the work I do requires time, dedication, and the space to practice my activity,” Palmer said. “A keen eye is needed because when plants are sick, they can’t express their complaints and needs like a patient can, and by the time a normal person notices a yellowing leaf or a weakened stem on a plant, it’s too late.”

A Philadelphia hotel keeps its house plants until their owners return from travel and vacation
Indoor Plant Hotel Caring for your plants while you travel (German)

With green trees and blooming flowers, many customers came in and out, praising Palmer's professionalism and care for plants. Palmer said: “I can only express my feelings. I am very happy because I can turn my passion for plants into a business.”

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