‘A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin’ – Hillary Clinton — RT World News

She took to social media after presidential candidate and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban discussed the conflict in Ukraine

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that supporters of US presidential candidate Donald Trump will vote for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clinton's statements came after a meeting between the presumptive Republican nominee and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Florida on Friday. After the talks, which CNN sources described as… “friendly”Orban told the media that Trump had “detailed plan” To end the conflict in Ukraine, which included stopping US aid to Kiev.

“It becomes clearer by the day: A vote for Trump is a vote for Team Putin.” Clinton, who ran for president twice as a Democratic candidate, books On X (formerly Twitter).

The post also shows a photo of Trump and Orban shaking hands and contains a caption He added: “Trump will not give a single penny to Ukraine and Hungarian Prime Minister Orban.” The quote refers to comments made by the latter in an interview with Hungarian channel M1 that was broadcast on Sunday.

According to a statement from the Trump campaign, the two politicians met “To discuss a wide range of issues affecting Hungary and the United States, including the critical importance of strong and secure borders to protect each nation’s sovereignty.”

Many in the West view the Hungarian leader as an ally of Russia. Budapest has consistently called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, as well as criticizing other Western countries for sending weapons to Ukraine. It also maintained economic relations with Russia and demanded the imposition of European Union sanctions on Moscow “It is counterproductive.”

Trump repeatedly claimed during his election campaign that if he remained in the White House for a second term, there would be no hostilities between Moscow and Kiev. If it is re-voted in November, it promises to end the conflict “within 24 hours” By putting pressure on stakeholders.

US President Joe Biden, who is also running for re-election, described the meeting between Orban and Trump as “controversial.” “Worrying”, according to CNN. Orban did not meet with Biden during his visit to the United States.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million. The move comes as Republican leaders in Congress remain blocked on a bill that would provide $60 billion in additional funds to Kiev.

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