AEW All In takes WWE’s paid attendance record with 81,035 fans

All Elite Wrestling held their biggest show to date on Sunday in London, England at Wembley Stadium, the international pay-per-view “All In”. When announcing the paid crowd of 81,035 fans, the promotion stated that it believed this was an all-time paid attendance record for professional wrestling, giving No. 2 wrestling company AEW another entry in the history books.

“Today is the most successful day in the history of AEW. It is one of the most important days ever in the history of professional wrestling,” said Tony Khan, owner of AEW, as he opened the post-show press conference.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, there was an apparent altercation backstage between wrestlers CM Punk and Jack Perry. Perry is the son of the late actor Luke Perry and until recently was wrestling under the name “Jungle Boy”.

“Yes, there was an incident behind the scenes before we went live on Tonight’s Show,” Khan said at the press conference. “We’re investigating. Until I know more about what happened, I really can’t take it at this time, so I can’t comment, but I wanted to be honest with you and tell you that this is the case.

Still, Khan was excited to celebrate the historic attendance. He noted that, along with the thousands of corporate tickets distributed, hospitality and staff, there were about 90,000 people in the stadium for the “All In” event. TheWrap has reached out to market leader World Wrestling Entertainment for comment.

AEW Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as “MJF”, celebrated the success of the show in the comments at the post-show press conference. But he also made statements that could be interpreted as referring to the fighting.

“We’re not just an alternative. We’re a gang of misfits,” MJF said. “And yeah, sometimes we don’t get along. News flash: I’m sure you moms have people at work that you like to smack their head in the mouth. But the fact of the matter is, yes, we are misfits, but guess what: we got together, and put on the best pro wrestling show this world has ever seen.

Punk has notably been involved in a number of backstage incidents over the years, including one at AEW’s All Out show last year after comments he made in the post-show press conference led to participating wrestlers being suspended and fired multiple times. This year’s “All Out” will be held next weekend in Chicago.

AEW wrestler Miro denied on social media an account of what happened prior to the All In show.

One user jokingly noted that Punk had previously said in the ring, apparently in character, “One day, I’m going to kick your ass”.

And in other fight-related news, wrestler Kash Wheeler made the show, though Only nine days are charged Previously involved in a road rage related accident.

AEW was officially launched in 2019, building on the 2018 “All In” independent wrestling show promoted by wrestlers Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes (now back in WWE), Nick “The Young Bucks” and Matt Jackson.

The promotion also announced that she will be back for a show in the UK summer break next year, August 25, 2024. Khan has previously lived in London and owns a soccer team in the country, as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars soccer team in Florida. .

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