After the left-wing victory… Lieberman calls on French Jews to immigrate to Israel

Members have called Israeli parliament Israel and party leadersIsrael is our homeAvigdor Lieberman French Jews are being forced to leave and immigrate to Israel following the victory of the left-wing coalition in the second round of legislative elections in France yesterday, Sunday.

Lieberman said on Monday that the victory of France's radical left party was a major escalation of anti-Israel and anti-Semitism.

The former Defense Minister said Jean-Luc Melenchon and many members of his partyProud of France“They were displaying pure anti-Semitism,” he said.

Lieberman said: “Anyone who looks at the general atmosphere at universities in the United States and everywhere in the world, and the demonstrations against Israel and in support of Israel…agitation“This is something we haven’t seen in many years.”

Melenchon is one of the leaders of the alliance New Popular Front The leftists who won the legislative elections reiterated their commitment to recognize a Palestinian state.

The New People's Front coalition came first in the second round of early elections held on Sunday, winning 178 seats in parliament.

The left-wing coalition's victory prompted some prominent French figures to sound the alarm about French Jews, according to the Hebrew website Israel Hayom.

The website said some Jewish figures, led by the controversial thinker Bernard-Henri LevyThey warned that the movement's victory could exacerbate anti-Semitism in France and called for vigilance over the leadership of the left-wing alliance.

“The left has once again fallen victim to the notorious Melenchon, now surrounded by some new faces of anti-Semitism,” Levy wrote on his account.

“For the Democrats,” he later wrote, “there is now a main enemy: the proud French party. Pray that Macron (President) will not contact Mélenchon under any circumstances. Urge the Social Democrats to cancel their agreement with this open opposition. — Semites, we condemn without compromise these so-called rebels who are a disgrace to the Republic.”

French Jewish journalist John El-Tayeb also commented on the victory, saying: “Mélenchon's victory sends a terrible message of impunity to all anti-Semitic Islamofascists.”

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