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The players of the Alandina team, which is active in Spain's fourth tier league, are not concerned about playing gloriously in tonight's 32nd round match against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, but are interested in how to obtain the jersey. “Royal” star after the game.

In order to ensure that everyone returns home with unforgettable memories of this rare confrontation with the “Merengue”, the players of the Alandina team have prepared a list of the corresponding jerseys they hope to receive from Real Madrid The name of each player. Spanish newspaper Marca reports.

“I came up with the idea in the locker room to collect as many shirts as possible because otherwise everyone would want the same shirt,” captain Jorge González “Bisca” said.

The player added: “I think the beauty of this game is that it has memories. If Real Madrid can help us get more shirts, that would be welcome.”

Surprisingly, the jersey that appears most often on the list is not the talented Englishman Jude Bellingham this season, but the Croatian midfielder and 2018 Ballon d'Or winner Luka Modric.

Nine of Alandina's 20 players expressed a desire to get the Croatian star's jersey, with only three choosing the England international. Despite the absence of German Toni Kroos, two players still want his jersey, and they also want the jersey of Brazilian Rodrigo.

In order for each player to receive a gift from the Royal Club, a lottery will be held among the participating players after the game, and jerseys will be distributed during training the next day.

Tonight's clash is the first time Real Madrid defended last season's championship at the beginning of the season, and the “Real Club” has won the King's Cup 20 times in history.

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