Al Fakhoora Program Director: International community must implement permanent ceasefire in Gaza News


Talal Al Hathal, Director of Al Fakhoora Project, stressed the need for decisive efforts by the international community to achieve a permanent and complete ceasefire. Gaza Stripensuring humanitarian access and preventing siege the injustice committed by Israel against the Gaza Strip, and compliance with international humanitarian law under the Geneva Conventions.

In an exclusive statement to Al Jazeera Network, the program director said: alfahura The Education Above All Foundation, one of the initiatives launched by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, said “independent investigations must be allowed to verify compliance with international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilian infrastructure such as shelters” , hospitals and schools. “

“A temporary and limited humanitarian pause has proven to be insufficient. A comprehensive and sustainable cessation of hostilities is therefore urgently needed,” Khatar added.

Mr. Talal Al-Hathal, Al-Fakhoora Program Director, Education First Foundation
Talal Al-Hathal, Al-Fakhoora Program Director, Education First Foundation (Al Jazeera)

Khatar said that the indiscriminate bombing of schools and shelters constitutes a flagrant violation of humanitarian law, and it is therefore necessary to completely cease hostilities and bombings and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the people of Gaza, especially innocent children, and Adding, “These steps are necessary to prevent further loss of life.” and to ensure adequate protection of civilians, especially children.

He noted the importance of raising public awareness on issues of children’s rights and protection and the role of awareness in driving momentum for accountability and attracting the world’s attention, adding that this requires the international community to come together and work together to address children’s issues . Achieve justice and accountability.

“Pressure must be put on governments and international organizations to ensure that focus on urgent priorities is an important part of this process,” Khatar said in a statement to Al

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser stresses the need to bring perpetrators of cruel education crimes to justice (Qatar Media)
Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Misned (Qatar Media)

Origin of the event

It is worth noting that in 2009, after the Israeli occupation forces attacked the Gaza Strip, Sheikh Moza bint Nasser al-Misneid launched the international “Al-Fakhoora” movement to protect students in the Gaza Strip, which included Gaza Strip Affiliated School. United Nations, including the “Al-Fakhoora” school, where 43 martyrs and 100 wounded took refuge. For her, the movement’s name also comes from its symbolism.

Yesterday Saturday, the Israeli occupying forces carried out two massacres of displaced persons at two schools, one at the Al-Fakhoura school in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip; Batal Al-Zaatar School. Northern Gaza Strip. Both massacres left hundreds of people martyred or injured, mostly children and women.

bomb the school

Yesterday, Saturday, the United Nations Population Fund Regional Office for Arab States condemned the bombing of international schools and the targeted killing of innocent Palestinians who had taken refuge in the Fakhurah school.

the U.N. office wrote in a blog post on its account

In turn, the Islamic Resistance Movement stated (agitationCommenting on the Israeli bombing of schools, “We will not leave this land and you will be held accountable for your massacre in Fakula and your ongoing crimes against children and civilians, both in the long and short term.”

This is the second time the occupying forces have carried out a massacre at an UNRWA school. Two weeks ago, specifically on 4 November, a horrific massacre occurred at the school, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries.

It is worth noting that Al-Fakhoura School is the largest school in the Jabaliya camp and has been bombed several times in recent years, most notably in 2009 and 2014.

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