Al-Falahi: The resistance movement has experienced a qualitative escalation in Al-Shuja'iya and Tal Al-Hawa | News

Military expert Colonel Hatem Farahi said resistance factions are increasing their actions in a qualitative way Shujaya north Gaza Strip Tal Al-Hawa goes some way to confirming the careful monitoring carried out by the occupation forces.

Farahi added – referring to the military scene in the Gaza Strip – that the hunting operations carried out by resistance groups affected the morale of the occupation forces, which began to rely heavily on aerial bombardment due to fears of an invasion.

Farahi noted that there had been no progress in the occupation over the past two days, especially in Talhawa, while the resistance movement was increasing the number and nature of its attacks.

He said four tanks in Shujaya were destroyed and TGB shells hit troops in multiple areas, a major development in the confrontation that would make an Israeli invasion more difficult.

Farahi noted that all units and forces that attempted to infiltrate Tal Hawa were hunted down by resistance groups, which reflects good planning, noting that Israel itself admitted that its forces suffered four difficult security operations yesterday, Monday.

He said Israel was implementing a different strategy from previous phases of the war as it used to use reserve forces and troops in areas it moved in and out of, with the exception of Shujaiya where regular troops were active.

In addition, Farahi said, the occupation forces rely on air and artillery bombardment to hunt down resistance fighters without exhausting themselves, while invading by land if intelligence information about the tunnels arrives.

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