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The billionaire businessman noted that the US executive branch has already lacked a proper head “for some time.”

The United States does not have a real president and has never had a president. “For a short time,” Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has suggested.

Musk took to social media network X (formerly Twitter) to delve into the ongoing political debacle in the wake of the debates between US President Joe Biden and former leader Donald Trump. He retweeted another user’s message, along with a screenshot of a New York Times opinion piece titled Does America need a president?

“A real question… since we obviously haven't had one in a long time,” Musk wrote.

the piece In an article by socially conservative writer Ross Douthat, Douthat and other authors discuss the role of the president in American society, whether an incompetent president can be completely replaced by others in the executive branch, the impact of such a “leader” on decision-making and accountability, and other topics.

Douthat himself had been arguing long before the disastrous Biden debate. “Trump needs to be replaced because it would be too dangerous to have an aging president in the White House for the next four years — and not just because Democrats fear he will lose to Trump in November.”

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