Apple warns iPhone users in 98 countries of possible spyware attack

Apple has sent a series of new warning alerts to iPhone users in 98 countries, warning them of possible spyware attacks using malware used by hired hacker groups. According to technology website Tech Ranch, this is the second such campaign the company has issued this year after sending similar alerts to users in 92 countries in April last year.

Apple has been sending these alerts regularly to phone users in more than 150 countries since 2021, according to a support document on the company's website. The recent warnings do not reveal the identity of the attackers or the countries in which users received these alerts.

“Apple has discovered that you have been the target of a spyware attack used by mercenaries who attempted to remotely hack into the iPhone associated with your Apple account,” the company wrote in a warning to users affected by the attack. While we can't be sure, when an attack like this is detected, Apple considers the warning serious, so take heed. Seriously.

According to Tech Ranch, based on user reviews, Indian users have also received the latest threat alert from Apple. Last October, Apple sent a similar warning to several journalists and politicians in the country.

Human rights group Amnesty International later reported that highly dangerous spyware Pegasus, developed by Israel's NSO Group, was found on the iPhone of a prominent Indian journalist.

In its message to affected users, Apple stressed the sensitivity of the means and methods the company uses to identify such threats and warned that disclosing more details could help hackers avoid detection in the future. The company said it relies solely on “internal threat intelligence information and investigations to detect such attacks.”

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