Artist mourns Egyptian football player Ahmed Rifaat

Many celebrities paid tribute to the Egyptian football player with touching words Ahmed Rifaat He died at the age of 31 after his health deteriorated and he was transferred to the hospital through their accounts on the social media platform.

Through his account

Tamer Hosni expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased through a cartoon on Instagram, writing: “We belong to God and we will return to the death of Ahmed Refat, a player of the Hyundai club and the Egyptian national team. We ask you to pray for his distinguished family.”

Artist Chico recalled his meeting with the modern sportsman through his Instagram account and said that he met him once.

Singer Ahmed Gamal wrote through his Facebook account: “It is sad news that the player Ahmed Refaat died a while ago after falling on the pitch. We belong to God. May God have mercy on him. Forgive him and be patient with his family.”

Actress Rania Farid Shawqi posted her own photo and said: “What has affected me the most about my experience is that anyone must know that he was in danger of dying at any time and only his work will remain.”

Singer Rami Sabry also mourned him through a cartoon, writing: “There is no power and strength except God. Survival belongs to God.”

Actress Basant Shawqi wrote on her Instagram account: “No one but God. May God have mercy on him and give patience to his family.”

As for journalist Ibrahim Fayek, whose guest was Ahmed Refaat, he said through his account on the X platform that he and his program team decided to dedicate today's program content to the deceased.

He wrote: “A special request… to give Ahmed and his family the gratitude and prayers they deserve… to pray for goodness, reward and heaven for him and to strengthen his family so that they remain patient and steadfast… the times are critical, the wounded are great and the dead are precious to everyone.”

Health crisis

Last March, Ahmed Refaat suffered a cardiac arrest during a match against Alexandria Al-Ittihad, sparking a serious health crisis. He was immediately taken to hospital and remained in a coma for about nine days. After a period in intensive care, he regained full consciousness and was discharged last April. He returned to his normal life and recently spoke to Ibrahim Fayek about his difficult experience. He explained that the crisis was exhausting for his family and thanked everyone who supported him during that period.

He also mentioned that he played while fasting and without taking nutritional supplements, which could have been the cause of his cardiac arrest, and added that he faced severe psychological stress that no football player has ever experienced, which was a major factor in his health crisis.

At dawn on Saturday, he suffered a health crisis and was again rushed to the hospital, where he breathed his last.

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