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Tehran – After the victory of the reformist politicians Masoud Bazeshkian In the presidential election Iran At the beginning of 2024, the political world Tehran The questions concerned the Government’s most salient internal and external priorities at this stage, the demands made on him by political and social movements, and the challenges that stand in his way.

What documents are waiting for Pezeshkian to be elected president?

Abbas Aslani, a researcher at the Middle East Strategic Research Center, believes that internal and external issues must be resolved immediately after the victory celebrations, and the formation of the Council of Ministers and the arrangement of foreign policy documents are the top priorities of the president-elect.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Aslani pointed out specific developments in… the Middle East On the one hand, there is voters’ demand for improved living conditions.

He believes that it is not possible to wait until the government is formed to resolve outstanding issues, which proves that the president-elect prefers to form a working group to coordinate with the outgoing government, especially in the transition period and the management of state affairs. Take initial steps to safeguard its interests abroad.

The Iranian researcher mentioned Pezeshkian's stance during the campaign that attaches great importance to lifting sanctions, which are the main reason for foreign pressure on Tehran's economy and its relations with major powers. He expects the president-elect to start working to make this mission a success and develop alternative solutions for handling sanctions documents if his approach is not popular in the West.

What will be the foreign policy priorities of the next reform government?

Aslani considers Bezashkian's letter to the Secretary-GeneralHezbollah Lebanese Hassan Nasrallah He reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s support for the resistance axis and the Palestinian cause as the first step in his government’s foreign policy.

He is expected to then take steps to revive communication channels with Western powers on nuclear negotiations and lift sanctions that he considers unjust against the Iranian people. Pezeshkian will also develop a plan to activate the agreement signed with the Eastern powers and further strengthen relations with countries in the region.

What promises did Pezeshkian make during the campaign that helped Iranian voters vote for him?

Majid al-Zawari, a researcher and director of the Institute of International Relations, said Iranian voters expect Pezeshkian to work to improve living conditions immediately after forming the ministerial committee, adding that internal politics is the biggest concern of Iranian citizens, regardless of whether he is a supporter of either trend. Reformists Or conservative.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Zawari believed that the bipolar structure formed in Iranian society in the past few years has been strengthened in the recent election campaign, calling on the president-elect to take measures to pave the way for national reconciliation, especially among the younger generation and the ruling authorities.

He went on to say that the national economy is the next government’s top priority at the domestic policy level, adding that improving the economy depends to a certain extent on the success of foreign policy and its ability to offset foreign pressure.

The director of the Institute of International Relations believes that Iranian society has gone beyond political groups and parties represented by reformist and conservative ideologies and is looking for people who are consistent with its demands and aspirations. He explained that the main reason for the failure of any presidential candidate in the first round of the last election was that their programs lacked clear aspirations of the people, especially Generation Z.

Zouari said Pezeshkian’s promises on several cultural, social and economic documents before the second round of voting prompted the gray class to participate and vote for him.

He stressed that a large part of Iranian society is impatiently awaiting a decision to end Internet restrictions and morality police patrols, “and they must become a priority for the next government.”

The researchers concluded that many social woes – including the popular protests the country has witnessed over the past few years – could be solved by spending huge budgets on antagonizing the people, particularly restricting the internet and enforcing headscarves, he said.

What will the reformists demand of the president-elect when they return to power?

Reformist political activist and former member of parliament Jassim Shadidzadeh Tamimi recalled the domestic life of the former reformist president during two eras, Tehran's position in the region and the strengthening of relations with Eastern and Western powers. Mohammad Khatamicalling on Zashkian to come up with a model of governance reform that the new generation has been waiting for nearly two decades.

After criticizing the reformists for targeting the conservative government for their monopoly of power for a long time, Tamimi advised his colleagues to use the specialized strength of various political movements in the Council of Ministers and local authorities in the provinces to work towards national reconciliation and restore stability and tranquility to Iranian society.

While he called on the reformist government to work tirelessly to strengthen relations with the countries of the region and the Western world and resolve thorny issues, Shadizadeh believed that it was time to confront illegal movements, especially the so-called “shadow government.”

What does the conservative movement want from a reformist government?

Zahra Elahian, a conservative political activist who submitted her campaign documents in the last presidential election, said that after the election competition period is over, her political movement only thinks about reconciliation and national harmony and will spare no effort to help the next presidential election. The government is in the national interest.

The political activist called on Pezeshkian to continue the policies initiated by the late president Ibrahim Lacy Serving citizens through constructive engagement with all five continents. She explained to Al Jazeera that “all eggs” should not be placed in the basket of dealing with Western countries and insisting on saving the nuclear deal.

Elahiyan added that her political movement declared its readiness to provide help to the next government before making a request to the president-elect, even though he belongs to a competing political movement. She stressed that the task of improving the status of Islam in Iran is too difficult and political competition cannot preoccupy the conservative movement and prevent it from providing professional human resources to the next government.

What ambitions do Iranian women hope to achieve through a reformist government?

Parasto Bahrami Rad, a political researcher and activist in the field of women, summarized the demands of Iranian women for the elected president in two aspects:

  • first: Trusted her ability to run the country and appointed her to several ministerial positions.
  • second: Listen to her social demands, especially about her fight against the mandatory headscarf policy.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Bahrami Rad added that while there are many official bodies involved in decision-making and high-level policy in the country, the president has enormous power that allows him to influence and leave a significant mark on decisions regarding women. She called on him to involve women activists when authorities make decisions concerning women.

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