Biden: I will beat Trump, and a debate with him will not erase all the messages I have done over the years


The President of the United States said Joe BidenToday, Friday, he debates with former President Donald Trump That won’t stop him from continuing his presidential campaign, and he’s set to win again after reports that Biden’s performance in last week’s debate with his Republican opponent was “disastrous.”

Biden explained in his speech that he would not let the 90-minute debate erase what he has done over the past three years, noting that “some people want me to drop out of the presidential race, but I'm staying and I'm going to beat Trump.”

The US president added that there are some officials in the Trump administration who have refused to declare their support for Trump in the upcoming election, noting that he will participate in the election against what he calls the most dangerous threat to American democracy, saying: “I am the candidate of the Democratic Party because millions of people voted for me and not for anyone else.”

Biden, who previously confirmed his intention to stay in the presidential race for the election scheduled for November 5, explained in a meeting with Democratic representatives and governors that he still has what it takes to run for a new term despite the poor performance he introduced in the past during this week's debate.

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. President Joe Biden listens to Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. President Donald Trump during a debate in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., June 27, 2024. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
The report believes that Biden's remarks (right) are beyond the range of his fluctuating performance in the debate with Trump last week (Reuters)

Meanwhile, there have been several reports, including one from The New York Times last Wednesday, that Biden, 81, told one of his key supporters that he was considering whether to continue his presidential run after questions were raised about his performance during a debate with Trump, to which he responded. White House He called the newspaper's reporting “completely incorrect.”

Today, Friday, The Washington Post reports that business leaders and civil society representatives today urged President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, a day after the CEO of one of their groups said members would still support him if he decided to continue running.

The newspaper said the letter, signed by 168 members of the Leadership Now Project group and sent to the White House, called on Biden to “preserve his legacy” by stepping down “under the threat posed by a second term to make room for another candidate.” For Donald Trump, “his Republican rival.”

The group's CEO, Daniela Palo Aris, told CNN Thursday that she expected members to continue supporting Biden if he continues to run in the election, according to the newspaper, while representatives for the group and the Biden campaign have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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