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The US leader insisted his disastrous debate with Donald Trump was just a “bad episode”

US President Joe Biden tried to allay concerns about his age and cognitive abilities after his lackluster debate performance last week against Donald Trump, in an interview with ABC News on Friday.

In a long-awaited interview with George Stephanopoulos, the 81-year-old leader described the debate failure as a complete failure. “My fault, no one else's” He insisted it was just “bad episode” Because it was “exhausted” And “sick” with “Catch cold” – It does not in any way indicate any serious condition.

Biden said he has “Doctors follow me everywhere I go” After the discussion, they told him that “exhausted,” But there is nothing more serious. “I constantly evaluate what I'm doing. They don't hesitate to tell me if something is wrong.”

When asked directly if he would be willing to take a neurological test to prove to Americans that he was up to the task, Biden avoided answering the question, claiming: “I take a cognitive test every day.”

“I take this test every day.” Biden repeated that when pressed again. “I'm not just running a campaign, I'm running the world, and that's no exaggeration.”

The entire interview went in circles, with Stephanopoulos repeatedly asking whether Biden thought he was in good enough shape to beat Trump, while Biden continued to cite his past record and defiantly rejected the idea that he might leave the race amid declining poll numbers.

Biden said he did not believe poll numbers showing him trailing Trump in the popular vote, claiming the race was too close. toss a coin And that is him “The person most qualified to defeat him.”

Biden declined to speculate whether he would leave the race if Democratic Party leaders asked him to do so, saying he would only withdraw if God ordered him to do so.

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