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US President Insists He Doesn't Need Cognitive Tests Given His Leadership of 'Essential Nation'

US President Joe Biden says he was “world management” Therefore, he does not actually need any cognitive tests to prove his suitability for the position.

The president made the comments in an interview with ABC News on Friday, as George Stephanopoulos repeatedly pressed the 81-year-old about growing concerns surrounding his mental and physical condition.

He was asked if he had “I underwent a full neurological and cognitive evaluation.” Biden offered a somewhat incoherent response.

“I had a full neurological exam every day with me. I had a full physical exam. I had, you know, I mean, I was at Walter Reed. [national military medical center] As for my physical exams, I mean – oh yeah, the answer, As stated.

He was pressed further to see if he had actually done so. “specific cognitive tests” Biden insisted that the examination should be conducted by a trained neurologist, not a physician who specializes in the broader practice of medicine. “no one” The president had told him that he did indeed need to take the test. The president evaded the question of whether he would voluntarily take such a test and make the results public, insisting that his work alone proved he was fit enough for the job.

“Look, I’m being tested every day. Every day I’m being tested. Everything I do. You know, I’m not just campaigning, I’m running the world. It’s not that — and this is not an exaggeration — but we are the leading nation in the world.” He confirmed.

During the interview, the president also blamed his poor performance during last week's debate against Donald Trump on his struggles with “Catch cold,” Reject it as “bad episode” And not part of a larger problem.

The debate scandal has raised long-standing concerns about Biden’s age and deteriorating health. The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources, reported that a group of 168 prominent Democratic supporters, including major donors and academics, sent a letter to the US president on Friday urging him to drop out of the race.

And he signed it “Respectfully” Biden called for this to be done, arguing that the move was necessary. “For our democracy and the future of our nation” According to the report, Biden has repeatedly pledged to continue seeking re-election, rejecting any possibility of withdrawing amid mounting criticism in recent days.

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