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The international pop star publicly supported the US President's election campaign in 2020

The New York Times said that US President Joe Biden is seeking the endorsement of international pop star Taylor Swift before next November's elections. The Democratic leader's campaign is reportedly seeking to counter declining polls that show him trailing likely Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Trump's strong performance in the early GOP primaries and caucuses suggests a 2020 runoff is the most likely scenario at the US ballot box later this year.

The New York Times said on Monday that Biden's team plans to reformulate the tactics that proved successful in the acrimonious battle with Trump four years ago. Primarily, this is said to include portraying the former president as a threat to American democracy, along with a heavy focus on abortion rights as part of a broader appeal to voters against alleged conservative efforts to restrict personal freedoms.

One influential voice that Democrats intend to exploit again is that of Swift, arguably the most famous pop star on the planet. And perhaps more specifically, the report claims that her 280 million Instagram followers are generating significant interest.

Swift has publicly supported Biden and his vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris in 2020, saying she would do so. “Vote with pride” For the democratic ticket because “Under their leadership, I believe America has an opportunity to begin the recovery process it so desperately needs.”

Last year, a single post from Swift on social media led to 35,000 new voters registering in the US, the New York Times reported, and Democrats are keen to secure her support to expand that enthusiasm nationally. The singer's fundraising appeals are also expected to boost Biden's campaign by as much as millions of dollars.

“Taylor Swift stands tall and unique.” California's Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, said last year. “What I was able to achieve by just activating young people to consider that they have a voice and that they should have a voice in the next election, I think is very powerful.”

Perhaps to garner Swift's support, the White House last week condemned fake AI photos of the singer that have been circulating on social media in recent days.

Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro, a vocal Trump supporter, warned Swift on Monday against doing so “Get involved in politics.”

“We don't want to see you there” Pirro said on the news network's “Five.” “Joe Biden is here [a] Hole with young people, he knows it. And if he thinks Taylor can dig him out of that hole, he will.

However, Trump is also no stranger to relying on popular culture for support. He has previously boasted support from the likes of Kanye West and Kid Rock. The latest poll data shows Trump has an advantage of between 1 and 5 percentage points over Biden in the head-to-head race.

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