Bold and Beautiful recap: Eric asks RJ’s help in creating a collection

Thomas shows up at Spencer’s offices and surprises Liam. Thomas says he’s here to talk about hope. Liam tells him he really should go. Thomas knows Liam can’t forgive him, but he needs to try to forgive Hope. Liam says that Thomas is not the one to bring this up to him, and that his conversations with Hope are none of his business.

Liam tells Thomas to go to BB's

Liam admits he has spoken with Hope, and says he and Hope still love each other. However, it is not that simple. Thomas reminds Liam that he has ruined Hope many times and that she has always forgiven him. Liam says Hope knew there was only one thing he could never forgive, so she chose him. Thomas calls Liam an idiot and he will regret it, he is sure of it.

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Thomas argues with Liam BB

At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Hope she can’t believe Liam will never forgive her. Hope cries because she tried to give her marriage one last chance, but Liam can’t get over what happened with Thomas. Brooke says Liam has hurt her enough times, and he only knows about the kiss. Hope asserts that yes, he only knows about the kiss, and he can’t even forgive her for that.

Hope and Brock talk about BB

Brooke can see that she is hurt and angry with Liam. Hope is mad at herself too, for bringing this upon herself. Brooke says she made a mistake and must now move on, and she has the support of her family. Hope isn’t sure she deserves it, but Brooke says she will always be worthy of her mother’s love. However, she warns Hope not to go back to Thomas. Hope says she has feelings for Thomas, and tells him she will try to fix her marriage. She says Thomas stepped aside because he loves her so much. Brooke reminds her that loving Thomas has caused her a great deal of pain.

Brooke does not forgive Thomas BP

In another office, Stevie hugs her father and says she needs to. She misses Finn and her home, but Ridge says she’s at her grandfather’s because it’s safe. He says Eric loves her, but he’s not sure how she feels about him at the moment. Ridge thinks he offended him by throwing his stapler. Ridge notes that Eric doesn’t want anyone to use his office, and wants to design again.

Ridge and Stevie talk about BB

Ridge relays the conversation to Thomas, and he wants to know where he stands with Hope. She doesn’t know but is supportive of Liam and Hope. Ridge does not want Thomas to get back together with Hope, as he tends to become obsessed with her. Stevie says they need Hope and Liam to reconcile, but that may not happen.

Stevie isn't sure BB

Brock arrives and fills them in that Hope asked Liam for forgiveness, and he said no. Brock is concerned that Hope is in a weak place.

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Brook worried BB

Thomas arrives at Hope’s office and apologizes in advance. He admits that he went to see Liam to try to convince him of what he’s up to, but it turns out that Liam is a bigger fool than he thought. He swears he just wanted to convince him that she really wants their family to be reunited again, but he refuses.

Hope and Thomas BB

Thomas does not understand, because Liam does not know what happened between them. He says he will never tell Liam about this, it’s just between them. Thomas knows he’s made mistakes, but he loves her, and that kiss they share in Rome lights a fire inside him. He wants to love her, create for her, make love to her. He says this is their time and they shouldn’t throw it away. They kiss passionately, then hope looks into his eyes.

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At Forrester’s Mansion, Eric tries to draw, but his hand convulses and he feels tremors. He ends up dropping his pencil and RJ reaches to get his charger and can see something is going on with Eric. He asks if everything is alright, and Eric says it isn’t. Eric assures him there is nothing to worry about, which only matters to RJ the most. Eric says he’s having a bad day, and it’s about his dad.

RJ and Eric BB

Eric explains that he was inspired and wanted to come up with an entirely new collection, but Ridge thinks he should play golf or pickleball. RJ thinks it’s crazy that his father is asking him to retire. Eric says this will be the biggest combo he’s ever done, and he’ll help him out. RJ doesn’t think he needs his help, but Eric says he does. Eric says he can’t hold a pencil for long, and it will hurt after a while. RJ asks if he has seen a doctor. Eric says he has it and claims it’s arthritis. He says he asked his father for help, but he is too busy with other things. Eric is determined to make this the best set he has ever done. He asks RJ to help him, but doesn’t tell his father.

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