Cairo Safadi: Palestinian displacement is a red line for Egypt and Jordan

Jordan's Foreign Minister confirmed Ayman SafadiEgypt and Jordan are united in their stance on the Palestinian issue, with the displacement of Palestinians a “red line” for both countries, said Egypt's Foreign Minister Badr Abdel Ati during a joint press conference in Cairo today.

Safadi said Israel committed war crimes unprecedented in modern history during its 278-day war of aggression. Gaza StripNoting that Jordan and Egypt agree on the need to end the aggression against the Gaza Strip and the humanitarian disaster it has caused.

The Jordanian minister stressed the need for the international community to act, abide by international law and take measures to stop the aggression. Referring to the recent crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces, he said: “The bombing of refugees … Khan Younis Yesterday constituted yet another war crime committed by the occupying forces.”

He also pointed out Palestine Relief and Works Agency UNRWA was the target of the occupation, with no other organization capable of carrying out its mandate, and the occupying power sought to liquidate UNRWA in order to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the refugee problem.

“The displacement of Palestinians is a red line for Egypt and Jordan, we will not accept it, whether inside or outside Palestine, and we reject the 'next day' approach to Gaza, which does not consider the Gaza Strip to be part of the occupied Palestinian territory,” Safadi said. The fate of the region and the implementation of its destructive agenda cannot be left to Israel, as it threatens the security of the region and international peace.

Safadi spoke of the Israeli occupation forces Bank of the WestHe said what was happening there undermined the process of achieving peace, noting that the escalation of the situation in the West Bank led to the possibility of a full-scale regional war.

He pointed out that the confiscation of West Bank land in 2024 is equivalent to 30 years of land confiscation, and stressed that the Israeli prime minister is an extremist minister who denies Palestinian survival.

Regarding Lebanon, he said, “The expansion of the war in Lebanon will help expand the war in the region. We must maintain the security and stability of Lebanon and prevent the expansion of the war.”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Badr Abdel Ati said the occupation forces' control over… Rafah Crossroads From the Palestinian perspective, it has exposed the Palestinians to a humanitarian disaster.

Abdul Ati added that he discussed with his Jordanian counterpart the extreme danger of an escalation in Gaza that could lead the entire region into all-out war.

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