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The government called on parliamentarians to stop delivering weapons amid the continuing war in Gaza

Canada will halt future arms sales to Israel, Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Jolie told the Toronto Star on Tuesday.

Her statement came after the country's parliament issued a resolution in this regard amid increasing pressure among representatives to condemn the ongoing Israeli military operation against Palestinian militants in Gaza, which recently entered its sixth month.

Despite the non-binding nature of the document, Jolie confirmed that the government would stop transferring weapons to Israel. “It's a real thing” She said when responding to a reporter's question.

The parliamentary motion was part of a larger vote originally put forward by the left-leaning New Democratic minority, which presented it as a way to try to revive peace talks and support the Palestinians. The resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza was passed on Monday after lawmakers agreed to tone down the language of the resolution and include Hamas's demand. “She should lay down her weapons.”

The document called on Ottawa to “Stop further licensing and transfer of arms exports to Israel” The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on Tuesday. The original text requested comment “All trade in military goods and technology with Israel.”

The adopted resolution also called for “Establishment of the State of Palestine as part of a negotiated two-state solution.”

The Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, condemned Jolie’s statements on the “X” website (formerly Twitter), considering that the refusal to sell weapons “Undermines Israel's right to self-defense against Hamas terrorists.” He also mentioned that “History will judge Canada's current actions harshly.”

The armed Hamas movement launched a series of raids on Israel on October 7, killing more than 1,100 people and taking more than 200 hostage. The subsequent Israeli military operation in Gaza killed nearly 32,000 Palestinians, according to local health authorities.

Despite growing international calls for a permanent ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Tuesday that the Israel Defense Forces will continue its advance towards the city of Rafah in the far south of the Gaza Strip, which he described as a stronghold used by militants. He added: “We do not see a way to eliminate Hamas militarily without destroying these remaining brigades.” He told Israeli lawmakers.

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