Clashes in Nablus and new reports of occupation forces incursions into the West Bank

Al Jazeera reporter said Israeli occupation forces vehicles were fired upon during their attack on the city Nablus north Bank of the West It was occupied early this morning.

The journalist explained that a confrontation broke out between the Palestinian resistance and the occupation forces, which attacked the city of Nablus to ensure the safety and protection of Jewish settlers during the attack on Joseph's tomb and the performance of Talmudic ceremonies.

Nablus Camp says For Jerusalem Travel – Military WingIslamic Jihad MovementIts militants engaged in violent clashes in the eastern part of Nablus, firing large numbers of bullets and explosive devices at the occupying forces.

Al Jazeera's correspondent in the central West Bank said that a Palestinian was wounded by Israeli occupation forces' bullets when they attacked the city of Belah, adding that the occupation forces arrested five Palestinians during the operation.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) said Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man from a Palestinian city at dawn on Monday. qarqiliya in the West Bank. Local sources said the occupation forces arrested the young man, Mahmoud Shaheen, after raiding and searching his house in the city.

Since the war began Gaza Strip On October 7, the occupying forces intensified their attacks in several areas of the occupied West Bank, launching arrests and assassinations, as well as targeting infrastructure.

In light of the occupation forces' incursions, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said yesterday, Sunday, that the total number of people arrested in the West Bank after October 7 exceeds 9,550, including those detained by the occupation forces and those later released.

The Prisoners and Former Prisoners Administration and the Palestinian Prisoners Club said in a joint statement yesterday that the arrests were concentrated in the governorates. HebronTubas, Ramallah and Jerusalem In addition, the occupation forces conducted a field investigation against a group of citizens in the town of Silwad in Ramallah, most of whom were subsequently released.

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