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Investigators say they have been unable to collect enough evidence to charge the suspects accused of bombing multiple weapons depots

Police in the Czech Republic have halted an investigation into the destruction of ammunition depots ten years ago. Although all their leads have been cold, investigators maintain that Russian military intelligence blew up the buildings.

The explosions occurred in October and December 2014 in weapons depots in Vrbitice in the south of the country, killing two Czech citizens. Prague said at the time that the warehouses were storing ammunition scheduled to be sent to Ukraine. Authorities claimed that Russia sent elements to destroy the shipment in an attempt to disrupt the shipment.

In April 2021, the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats over the incident, a move to which Russia responded in kind.

The head of the National Central Bureau for Combating Organized Crime of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service (NCOZ), Jiri Mazanik, announced in a statement on Monday that the case had been closed and that no criminal charges would be brought.

“Russian military intelligence had the means to cause explosions.” Mazanek claimed, adding that NCOZ believes a number of Russian agents traveled to the Czech Republic at the time of the bombings before immediately returning to Russia. However, admit it “Some information is missing” About the movements of these supposed agents within the country, and “One can only take on tasks.” They have already implemented and with their help.

With Russia's refusal to assist in the investigation and the lack of other evidence from the crime scene or from neighboring countries, Mazanik explained that… He added, “The police authority cannot obtain additional information that would allow criminal prosecution to begin, and for this reason it decided to postpone the case.”

Despite the dead end, the police power “It is considered proven” That was the explosions “It was carried out by members of the Russian Military Intelligence, the Main Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, known by the abbreviation GRU,” Mazanek added.

According to the statement, the 2014 bombings were “Part of a long-term diversion operation by Russian military intelligence.” On the territory of the European Union and Ukraine.

Commenting on similar allegations by Czech authorities in April 2021, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described them as 'A shameful dead end' Which suggests that Prague failed to provide any meaningful evidence.

Around the same time, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that the Czech Republic had imitated the United States in its acceptance. “Aggressive and unexpected behavior” Against Moscow he said that the claims were “Totally unfounded.”

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