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Some prominent Democratic donors are said to believe that “the sooner the better.”

Top Democratic donors are discussing ways President Joe Biden could drop out of the 2024 race without hurting the party’s chances of defeating Donald Trump in November, The New York Times reported Monday. Democrats and their supporters are increasingly skeptical about Biden’s ability to win the election after his disastrous performance in a televised debate with Trump last month.

Multiple reports have indicated that Democrats and some of Biden's own aides were “shocked” Because of the 81-year-old's behavior on stage, they have serious concerns about his mental and physical fitness to serve a second term as president.

Some donors discussed 'elegant' ways for Biden to step down to preserve his reputation. While others “I think leaving school early is best.” The New York Times' “Dealbook” newsletter reported:

Some DealBook executives said it would be “mistake” They argued that Biden dropping out of the race without first becoming the nominee would lead to “Depriving him of the ability to appoint a replacement.”

Democrats will meet in Chicago in late August to formally nominate their candidate for the 2024 election. According to the report, holding an open convention where delegates are not committed to any particular candidate could create “The intraparty struggles that helped Donald Trump win.”

Dell Book quoted its sources as saying that prominent financiers and investors, including Larry Fink of BlackRock, John Gray of Blackstone, Peter Orszag of Lazard, and Robert Wolf, a former American executive, may join the deal. “Close to Barack Obama” They discuss whether “Stick to Biden”

However, the 46th president has refused to withdraw from the race, although he has admitted that he is not discussing “Beside [he] used to.” Speaking to MSNBC on Monday, Biden said he “I will not go anywhere” He describes himself as “The best candidate to beat Donald Trump.”

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