Democrats publicly call on Biden to withdraw from the campaign


U.S. Senator Peter Welch of Vermont becomes first Democratic senator to publicly rebuke the president Joe Biden “Withdraw from the presidential race for the sake of the country.”

“For the good of the country, I am calling on President Biden to withdraw from the race,” Welch said in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post.

He added, “The latest polls show that the political danger facing the Democratic Party is increasing. States that were previously our strongholds are now leaning Republican.”

Michael Bennett of Colorado, the first Democratic senator to speak out against the president, said Biden would lose if he continued his campaign and could lead to the defeat of Democrats in Congress as well.

“I think so,” Bennett told CNN. Donald Trump He said he was “on the right track to winning this election,” noting that the White House had “done nothing” to prove it had a plan to win.

Advice for Donors

In the same context, the US website Axios quoted sources as saying that Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told donors that he was open to Biden not becoming a presidential candidate.

The website said Schumer listened to donors' ideas and suggestions on the best way for the Democratic Party to move forward.

She is the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi She said Biden should decide quickly whether to proceed with the presidential race, but has not explicitly endorsed his candidacy.

Pelosi's statement did not take into account Biden's repeated claims that he would continue his presidential campaign, suggesting the president could face a new wave of calls from Democrats to drop out of the race.

Biden, 81, is trying to show his leadership skills at the summit NATO (NATO) In Washington, internal pressure was building for him to resign following his poor performance in a debate with Donald Trump.

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