Destiny 2: Ultimate Form arrives on February 27 to end the battle of Light vs. Darkness

The first epic in SaucepanThe universe is coming to an end with an epic battle between light and darkness. SaucepanThe saga of Light and Darkness has always revolved around the Traveler, a mysterious entity in the universe Saucepan which hung motionless in the sky as a source of light Saucepan players. And now the traveler asks Destiny 2 Guys for help, it’s time to answer this call on February 27th.

A mysterious enemy, the Witness, has already entered the traveler, and now, Destiny 2: Ultimate Form Players will have to venture inside to help defeat The Witness. What awaits you inside is Pale Heart, a first-line destination unlike anything we’ve seen in it Saucepan During its history of about 10 years.

inside the traveler.
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Destiny 2 Players will fight new enemies in the final form, including Subjugators that will trigger Stasis and Strand effects to slow you down and tangle you up. But you’ll be able to fight back thanks to a host of new super-elements Arc, Solar and Void.

The new Warlock super is about solar powers and a call to Radiance from the original Saucepan. Rift casting will also include a solar wave. Giants get a super void which includes several empty axes that can be thrown at enemies. Allies can also pick up and wield an axe, and giants can consume a grenade to turn it into a shield to attack. Hunters will get a new Arc super, which revolves around the Arc Staff. There are new combos you can chain together and flash while super.

The new titan ax is super.
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Destiny 2: Ultimate Form it will not be Saucepan launch Without some new weapons and returning weapons. The Red Death, Dragon’s Breath, and Khvostov, fan-favorite weapons from the original, return Saucepan Game. The new exotic Fusion Fusion Rifle will match your damage type.

Even Cayde-6, Exo’s beloved hunter Destiny 2it’s up to the final form. with a voice firefly And fort Superstar Nathan Fillion, Cayde-6, was killed Destiny 2But he will appear alongside Zavala and Ikura in the campaign as a mentor. Once the campaign is complete, the destination for Pale Heart will unlock, and players will need to deal with The Witness the final form raid.

So what happens next the final form campaign? Bungie will be releasing three new “Episodes” of Destiny 2 Content throughout 2024. Instead of the four seasons you’d normally find, these three episodes will include more content than seasons normally provide. At first, they’ll focus on what’s next the final formBut Bungie sees them as a way to keep them Destiny 2 Get over this saga of light and dark.

until february and the final formThere is still something new Destiny 2 content on the way. Today marks the launch witch seasonA season focusing on the story of Iris Morn. Includes two new seasonal activities, which are set in the cell parts of the Destiny 2 being. witch season Also includes a new PvP map in the style of Vex Destiny 2Crucible modes.

Speaking of returns, Bungie is bringing back the Crota’s End raid Saucepanwhich will be available on September 1 for Destiny 2 players. If you are new to Destiny 2 Or you just want to catch up on the story, there’s also a new Timeline Reflections feature that will let you recap key narrative moments in the game’s history.

While the season will remain 22 Destiny 2 The players are so busy the final formFans will hope the writing, missions, and content are a lot stronger than they were Destiny Two: Fall of Light. Bungie’s current DLC seemed like filler in preparation for the battle between light and dark the final form You will need to deliver a really exciting conclusion to this saga.

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