Dollar Tree, Family Dollar pays $1.34 million in Occupational Safety and Health Administration settlement

Dollar Tree, Inc. agreed. A settlement with OSHA involving work safety requirements and fines in excess of $1 million combined.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) said several Dollar Tree and Family Dollar retail stores that fall under the scope of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be subject to a company-level settlement geared toward workplace safety improvements. It revealed the agreement on Wednesday.

The fine that Dollar Tree, Inc. will have to pay. Its coverage as part of it is $1.35 million. The money would “settle existing disputed inspections as well as open inspections” for alleged safety issues. DOL said.

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Dollar Tree store in Los Angeles, California. The company announced that it would permanently increase prices from $1.00 to $1.25 on most of its items in a move it said was “not a reaction to short-term or temporary market conditions.” ((Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)/Getty Images)

The company level settlement is the second the company has reached with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The previous period ran from 2015 to 2018, according to the Labor Department.

Dollar tree may raise prices due to crime as profits fall

Dollar Tree, Inc. a press release about the newly announced settlement, saying it “paves the way for Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores to enhance their safety programs and reflects the organization’s commitment to safety.”

“We implement core safety policies, procedures and training, all aimed at protecting the well-being of our associates. We value the opportunity to engage with OSHA on our safety initiatives as we move forward, as we seek to solidify our position as a leader in retail in the Company Mike Creedon: “Safety in the Workplace.”

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Dollar Tree sign in Streator, Illinois, US, on October 15, 2022. ((Photo by Beata Zurzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images) / Getty Images)

The settlement includes actions related to alleged violations that OSHA said it saw “repeatedly” at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar locations in the past and possible future violations, according to the Labor Department.

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For alleged repeated violations, the company has a “comprehensive national assessment” of “root causes” and must begin within a two-year timeframe to address them, according to the Labor Department.

The regulatory agency set two days for the company to address any potential future issues related to “blocked exits, access to fire extinguishers and electrical panels, and improper storage of materials.” This hour appears to start after receiving a notification of the alleged violation from OSHA.

The settlement said OSHA could issue the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar retailer daily fines of $100,000 if the alleged violation was not addressed by the end of that 48-hour period. She limited the amount to $500,000 and requested documentation of the repair, according to the DOL.

“The Lawyer’s Office and OSHA support innovative agreements whereby companies commit themselves to solve the underlying problems that create risks,” said labor attorney Seema Nanda. “We were willing to use this approach because these companies had already taken substantial steps to address systemic issues, which gave us confidence that this innovative approach would work.”

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A shopper walks out of the Dollar Tree store, Voorhees, NJ, November 19, 2022. (Fox News)

Other steps the company will take under the settlement include increasing its “risk identification and control” programs, creating safety advisory groups, operating a safety complaint hotline at all hours of the day and establishing a “tracking system” for them, according to the company. Countries.


The announcement of the OSHA settlement came just one day before Dollar Tree, Inc. its earnings for the second quarter.

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DLTR Dollar Tree Corporation 142.22 +1.51 +1.07%

And in May, the company said its discount stores saw net sales of $7.32 billion in the first quarter, up 6% year-over-year. Its net income for the three-month period was $299 million.

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