DraftKings, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks (8/28/23): MLB DFS lineups

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We’ll be back at it Monday after a great baseball weekend. I’ve been very interested in DFS and player props, so let’s see if we can keep that going in my four articles this week. Promoting tonight’s menu will be difficult as nothing stands out. I’ll be mixing and matching tonight so I don’t overcommit to one arm. It’s the perfect opportunity to look at the property tonight and play with the arms with plenty of upside at the low end property.

I will be covering the list of twelve matches starting at 7:05pm in this article. I like tonight’s menu from a game theory perspective. The Braves head to Coors Field facing left in Austin Gomper. We could see the highest ownership percentage of the season in the next few days, as the best offense in the league heads into the highest shooting pitch in the major leagues. It’s hard to recommend fading here, but if you’re trying to win a list, it’s the right move, and I’d probably do it. swallowing. I’m going to talk about potential hubs with some upside to matching Braves tonight.

This article will save me DraftKings and FanDuel daily fantasy baseball lineup picks for 8/28/2023 and lock the slate in 7:05 p.m. ET. Lineup selections will range from some elite players to mid-priced options with value plays. You can also read more DFS tips and lineup selections for other sports here. Keeping an eye on injury news and today’s MLB starting lineups is also essential. Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, it’s up to the pick! Follow me on Twitter @CaseyW22 for more free bets and DFS tips.

DraftKings, FanDuel Pitchers – MLB DFS lineup picks

I’ve decided to post my schematics throughout the article I’ve been using for DFS. I want to quickly explain the color coding and bold so you can understand better. This is an elite play if you see big, bold, green letters. The bold green letters are a great play. The bold yellow lettering is a good play. Bold, white letters should be used to round off alignments. Non-bold letters should only be used in MME for groups of players or to round stacks in a single entry.

Kevin Gusman, TOR vs. WAS (11,200 DnD, $10,900 USD)

Promotion on this list is ugly. To be honest with all of you, there isn’t a single arm I’d sell on tonight’s list. My top choice for the top of the board would be Kevin Gusman. I won’t force him into any lineup I’m creating tonight. I will build my racquets first and then figure out my throws from there. This isn’t how I usually build, but tonight’s menu calls for a different way to build.

Gausman enters the day at the start of the day with a 3.17 SIERA, 31.7% K%, 12.8% SwStr%, 6.2% BB% and 42.9% GB%. He was a model of consistency all season as he averaged 22.0 DraftKings points as a starter. He’s even better at FanDuel, ranking third in baseball with 17 good starts. In the second half of the season, Gausman has 3.53 SIERA, 28.8% K% and 12.9% SwStr%. The Nationals’ predicted lineup has a 23.7% K% over the past 30 days, giving Gausman the upside he needs to exit SP1 on tonight’s slate.

Xzavion Carey, CLE In. Minimum (5,700 Danish dollars, 6,000 US dollars)

I want to start by saying that this play is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re looking to stack the Braves at Coors Field, you’ll have to find value on the mound. I don’t know if I’d be playing Curry today, but this is my best option if I stack up the full Braves. On the season, Curry earned 4.99 SIERA, 16.6% K%, 9.6% SwStr%, 6.6% BB% and 28.5% GB%. Since the break, Curry has a 5.39 SIERA, 18.0% K%, and 10.2% SwStr%.

None of these numbers jump off the page, but like I said, if you’re looking to stack the Braves at Coors Field, you’ve got to get weird somehow. The game here is interesting. Since the break, the Twins have a 29.4% K% against right-handed throwing. Curry has a much better upside advantage with hitting against left-handed batters, having a 24.3% K% vs. split over the last 30 days. The Braves will send four left players to the board at 25% K% or higher, giving Curry the upside to get 15-20 points. If the Braves go to Corsair, that will be more than enough to win a roster.

Also considered: Grayson Rodriguez, Blake Snell, Bryce Elder, Kyle Harrison

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DraftKings, FanDuel Infielders – MLB DFS lineup picks

Brandon Belt – 1B, Tour vs. Josiah Gray ($3,700 Demark, $2,800 USD)

Left-handed batters have demolished Josiah Gray in the past 30 days. This has been a problem for him in his previous seasons, and I’m willing to take his small sample size and attack him. He has a .442 wOBA, .357 ISO, and a 70.0% hitting percentage in his last 30 games against left-handed hitters. Belt is the best left-handed player in the Blue Jays lineup. Over his past 30 appearances at the plate against the right-handed thrower, Belt has 218 wRC+, .486 wOBA, and .760 SLG. On the season, he has 143 wRC+, .377 wOBA, and .496 SLG against the split.

Dylan Moore – 2B/SS/OF, ATL vs. David Peterson ($3,300 DnK, $2,400 USD)

Dylan Moore will get an elite game against Kyle Mueller, who will serve as the biggest reliever tonight for the Oakland Athletics. Over the past 30 days, Mueller has had 0.380 wOBA, 0.250 ISO, and 69.2% power shots. Since the break against left-handed pitching, Moore has 218 wRC+, .480 wOBA and .788 SLG. If you’re into fading with the brave, Moore and the Sailors might be the best place here tonight. The Braves and Padres will get most of the ownership, making the Mariners an elite game.

Nathaniel Lowe – 1B, Tex vs. Taylor Miguel ($4,600 DnK, $3,300 USD)

I decided to write Nathaniel Lowe here for the Rangers, but I could also have written Corey Seeger here pretty quickly. I like both lefties here in this place against Tyler Miguel, but Lowe’s salary is more interesting to me. Megill, over the past 30 days, has a .493 wOBA, .333 ISO, and a strikeout percentage of 62.9% against left-handed batters. Lowe has 143 wRC+, .380 wOBA and .493 SLG on the season. Over his last 40 games against the right-handed pitcher, Lowe has had 189 wRC+, 447 wOBA, and 563 SLG.

DraftKings, FanDuel Outfielders – MLB DFS lineup picks

Anthony Santander – 1B/OF, BAL vs. Michael Kubis ($4,200 DnK, $3,500 USD)

Anthony Santander and the Baltimore Orioles get tonight’s elite game against Michael Kubis. Kopech has allowed 28 home runs this season. Over the past 30 days, he’s had a 0.394 wOBA, 0.288 ISO and a strikeout percentage of 44.2% against left-handed batters. Since the break, Santander has 138 wRC+, .370 wOBA, and .561 SLG against right-handed pitching. At the moment, it is very hot. Over his last 15 appearances at the plate against the right-handed pitcher, Santander has had 282 wRC+, 577 wOBA and 1,000 SLG.

Alex Verdugo – Of, Boss vs. Christian Javier (Dn$4,500, $3,300 USD)

Alex Verdugo has played him since moving into the starting role for the Red Sox. During that period versus right-handed shooting, Verdugo has 175 wRC+, .433 wOBA, and .638 SLG. His opponent, Cristian Javier, had problems against lefties all season. He has a .359 wOBA, .204 ISO, and a slugging average of 40.3% against the split this season. Over his last 30 days, he’s had a 0.374 wOBA, 0.236 ISO, and 50.0% solid hits. If Devers is back in the squad, I love this squad tonight. If not, Verdugo is a nice one-time thing.

Marcel Ozuna – Off, ATL vs. Austin Gumper (D$5,100, $3,700 USD)

The Braves head to Corus Field, which will be the biggest stadium of the season. The game theory in me says to vanish this team every game in Cours, but I also have a rule that the Braves stack every time they face a left-hander. They now have an Austin Jumper at Coors Field. I have no idea what I’m going to do, but Marcel Ozuna is the elite play. Since the break, he has 213 wRC+, .490 wOBA, and .769 SLG against left-handed pitching. Gomber has a .365 wOBA, .173 ISO, and a 50.7% strikeout percentage against right-handed batters over the past 30 days.

DraftKings, FanDuel MLB DFS Stacks

1. Seattle Mariners vs. Kyle Mueller

Favorite Plays: Dylan Moore, Julio Rodriguez, Jose Caballero, Teoscar Hernandez, Tay France

2. Atlanta Braves vs. Austin Jumper

Favorite Plays: Marcel Ozuna, Orlando Arcia, Shaun Murphy, Matt Olson, Ronald Acuna Jr., Austin Riley

3. San Diego Padres vs. Adam Wainwright

Favorite Plays: Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, Ha Seung Kim

4. Baltimore Orioles vs. Michael Kubis

Favorite plays: Anthony Santander, Gunnar Henderson, Ryan Mountcastle, Cedric Mullins

5. Toronto Blue Jays (Lefties) vs. Josiah Gray

Favorite plays: Brandon Belt, Dolton Farshaw, Cavan Biggio

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