Drew Barrymore’s stalker Chad Michael Busto has been released by a judge ‘after he appeared at the star’s luxury Hampton home’

By Ruth Baczynski for Southampton, Ross Weckland for, Germania Rodriguez-Paulieu for Dailymail.Com

Updated: 13:07 August 26, 2023

  • Chad Michael Busto was released after a brief court hearing on Friday
  • He was arrested near the Barrymore complex on Wednesday
  • He was ordered to stay away from the star and to wear an E-tag

A judge released Drew Barrymore’s stalker after she showed up at the star’s Hamptons home days after he confronted her at a live event.

Judge Barbara Wilson released Chad Michael Busto, 43, after a hearing in Southampton on Friday morning, two days after he allegedly violated the talk show host’s nearby luxury property.

Busto, who is charged with fourth-degree stalking, was ordered to stay away from the 48-year-old actress and was provided with a GPS tag. Creeper — who confronted Barrymore at last week’s event, forcing a bodyguard to push her off stage — has been released after telling the court he’s broke and hopes to live in a shelter.

Fourth-degree stalking is not a bail-eligible offense.

Busto asked the judge during the hearing if he could travel out of the state if necessary. He has a federal hearing in Texas on Sept. 3.

No further details of this offense were shared, but the prosecuting attorney told that Busto had a long criminal history.

Busto is scheduled to return to court over the Hamptons incident on Sept. 12. He told that he met Barrymore several times in the late 2000s and that he hoped they could develop a romantic relationship.

Bosto was seen leaving court after his release prior to his next hearing on September 12. He is charged with stalking in the fourth degree

He was wearing a pink Hawaiian shirt during the hearing, as well as a belt that was placed the wrong way, meaning its buckle was covering his bottom. Busto appeared bruised, as a photo taken shortly after his arrest on Wednesday showed him covered in cuts.

Busto was arrested in Sagaponack Village, Southampton, on Wednesday on the steps of Barrymore’s $6 million farm after a 911 call regarding a suspicious person in the affluent area.

The Washington, D.C. man walked up some steps outside the Long Island home of the mother of two. Police confirmed he was released, then charged and arrested on Thursday. He faces a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge of stalking.

Fortunately, Barrymore, 48, was not home at the time. A source close to the ET actress told that she’s in good spirits and doesn’t want to change the way she lives her life after the scary incident.

“Drew feels good, she feels safe, and even in the moment, it happened so fast and she was fine and didn’t worry about it. She got over the accident because she knew people were there to protect her,” the source said.

Drew Barrymore’s alleged stalker will appear in court Friday after being arrested for “going door-to-door” in her New York neighborhood — two days after he stormed the stage where she was speaking.

A source close to Drew told that the ET actress is in good spirits and doesn’t want to change the way she lives her life after the scary incident.

Drew’s stunning $7 million Hamptons home is pictured here

The only thing she didn’t want to happen was to make the accident the thing to remember for the night, so she forgot about it once it was over, and she went on talking to Renee and turned attention back into the conversation, that’s what was important to Drew.

He added, “She is not going to change the way she manages her life and protects herself, all of these things have been prepared for her throughout her life, and she does not want anyone to worry about her safety.”

Busto was reported to have been bicycling on private lanes while searching for Barrymore’s home.

according to Santa Monica Daily PressBusto has a “long criminal history, including an arrest in Santa Monica.” He has also been arrested in several states of Georgia, Minnesota, Florida and Wisconsin for disorderly conduct, trespassing and other crimes.

Social media users claimed that he was known to target female celebrities including Amber Heard. Someone named “J.” The Daily Beast reports that Michael Busto was kicked out of the actress’ Facebook fan group for “sexual harassment,” “threats,” and “stalking.”

The arrest came just two days after Busto hit a plate with actor and singer Rene Rabe earlier this week at Y 92nd Street in New York City.

Rapp quickly reached between Barrymore and the man, walking her offstage, while Barrymore wrapped his arm around her.

Bustos is pictured in a photo shoot in Columbus, Ohio
Posto’s 2021 photo from Galveston, Texas

As he was approaching the stage, Busto yelled, “Drew Barrymore!”

in Tik Tok video Capturing the moment, the star replied, “Oh my God, yes?” Hello!’ He also introduces himself as “Chad Michael Busto”.

‘You know who I am.’ “I need to see you sometime while you’re in New York,” he said.

Rapp quickly reached between Barrymore and the man, walking her offstage, while Barrymore wrapped his arm around her.

Two security guards approached Busto and escorted him off stage.

Busto was not arrested on Monday.

Barrymore and Rapp later return to the stage where they mock the scary encounter.

“By the way, just to clarify, the second time they said, ‘Well, we’re fine,'” Raab said. They’re like, “Do you need anything, do you want us to stay?” I’m well!

Barrymore said, “Well, you’ve got a new definition of your body, which is that level of protection. That’s gone full bodyguard! You’re my Kevin Costner!”

Two security guards approached the man and escorted him off stage
Barrymore and Rapp later return to the stage where they mock the scary encounter

The star is the mother of two daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 9.

She shares children with her ex-husband Will Kopelman, whom she was married to from 2012 to 2016.

The actress recently revealed that she keeps family computer screens locked in a safe to limit the amount of time her daughters spend on them.

talk with Better homes and gardensDrew says she occasionally buys her an iPad — but only on “special occasions.”

“We watch a lot of movies and shows, so I don’t judge anyone about screens. But when it comes to my kids, I’m not a big fan of personal electronics, like iPads,” explained the talk show host.

“During a pandemic when schools were virtual we all had to be on our separate devices and I didn’t like that.

“Now, I keep my iPads in a locked cabinet and only come out on special occasions. I prefer the three of us to curl up in my bed and watch it together.

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