During the invasion of Gaza, his foot was amputated.A Palestinian child realizes his sports dream by talking to Moroccan goalkeeper Bono


A video of Palestinian child Asif, who had one of his feet amputated during an attack on Israeli-occupied Gaza, has gone viral, in which he expresses his “love” for Moroccan goalkeeper Yassin Bono and wants to meet his Palestinian child ‘s dream came true.

A Palestinian journalist had a video call with the Al Hilal Saudi club’s goalkeeper, who spoke to Atef and asked about his conditions. Asif asked to meet him in person and told him, “You are my role model.”

The Atlas Lion Guard responded by promising the Palestinian child that he would realize his dream and meet him soon.

After the interview, Asif burst into tears and said, “I realized one of my dreams.”

Asif said in a previous video that he “loves Bonno and if he sees him one day, he will run over and hug him. He once encouraged him and the Moroccan national team at the World Cup in Qatar, and he used to watch Look at his save in the penalty shootout.”

Israeli aggression continues Gaza On the 44th day, more than 13,000 martyrs were left, including more than 5,500 children and more than 3,500 women, while the number of injured reached more than 30,000, 75% of whom were children and women.

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