Dutch far right joins new European Parliament group

Dutch far-right leader announces Geert Wilders Yesterday, Friday, his party hopes to join a European Parliament group, the creation of which was recently announced by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

On Sunday, Orban announced the creation of a group joined by Austria’s far-right party led by former Prime Minister Andrej Babis and the Czech centrist movement.

The new group, called “European Patriots”, would need the support of at least four other national parties to be recognized in the EU parliament.

“We want to unite our forces (in the European Parliament) and we will proudly join (European Patriots),” Freedom Party leader Wilders said in a statement.

He added, “Strong and sovereign. We resist illegal immigration. We defend peace and freedom and support Ukraine. We defend our Judeo-Christian tradition. And our families.”

Fighting the 'Brussels elite'

Orban, who holds the rotating presidency, has often voiced his opposition For the EU– what he calls the “Brussels elite”, while the EU has recently been accused of fueling the war in Ukraine.

Hungary has pledged to use its presidency of the European Union to advance its “vision for Europe” under the slogan “Make Europe Great Again,” echoing a slogan put forward in the United States by Orban's ally, former President Donald Trump.

Wilders's Freedom Party holds six seats in the European Parliament.

Wilders' party won the parliamentary election in the Netherlands last November and is considered the largest party in the four-way right-wing ruling coalition that was sworn in last Tuesday under Prime Minister Dick Schof.

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