Egyptian and Somali presidents confirm rejection of unilateral measures in Horn of Africa

Somalia's president confirms Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud and his Egyptian companions Abdel Fattah el-Sisi They reject any unilateral measures that undermine stability Horn of Africa andRed Sea “All countries in the region need to abide by the framework of cooperation to achieve stability and development.”

Yesterday, Thursday, the Somali president spoke on the phone with his Egyptian counterpart, according to the official Somali news agency, where the two presidents “welcomed the recent momentum of cooperation between the two countries” and were keen to expand their horizons to various fields in accordance with the brotherly ties between “the two peoples.”

The agency added that Sisi “stressed Egypt's concern for Somalia's security, stability and sovereignty over its territory, and its support for Somalia in addressing various security and development challenges.”

As we all know, the Horn of Africa is a strategic location for international trade on the Red Sea.Suez Canaland include Eritrea Ethiopia andDjibouti Somalia is experiencing many conflicts and disagreements, the most notable of which is the recent escalation of conflicts and disagreements between Ethiopia and Somalia.

In January last year, the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that there was no room for mediation in the dispute with Somalia. EthiopiaUnless Addis Ababa withdraws from its illegal agreement with the region Somaliland separatists, which provides them with an outlet to the sea.

Somalia's confirmation came after tensions flared between Mogadishu and Addis Ababa and the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland paving the way for the construction of an Ethiopian military base and the lease of the Red Sea port of Berbera for 50 years, the announcement was made. Arab League Many member states, including Egypt, rejected the deal and supported Somalia's sovereignty over its territory.

Somaliland has not been officially recognized since it declared its independence from Somalia in 1991, and it operates as a separate administrative, political and security entity, with the central government unable to extend its control over the region or grant its leadership independence.

It is worth noting that Ethiopia has become a landlocked country since 1993 when Eritrea, which overlooks the Red Sea, officially separated from it.

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