Elon Musk estimates that the Tesla fleet will reach 10 million in a few years

Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave his much-anticipated FSD V12 demo. The event was broadcast live on X, with 11.1 million views as of this writing. Musk’s comments after the demo indicated his estimate of the size of Tesla’s total fleet in the coming years.

The drive was surprisingly quiet, due in part to the fact that the FSD V12 was already behaving like a human driver. As Musk explained while driving, the FSD V12 was smooth, and it reacted to situations on the road, such as construction zones and speed bumps, without any issues. Musk only had to intervene once at a busy intersection where the FSD V12 was about to run a red light.

musk clarification It received a lot of attention on social media, with critics of the system dismissing it as evidence that the FSD is insecure and supporters praising the improvements to the system. Among those who saw the importance of the demonstration was the technology evangelist Robert Scoblewho described Driving as the “first public demonstration of a robot that learned to move around the world just by watching videos.”

In response to the technology evangelist’s comments, Musk stated that it was remarkable to see that the inference computation power needed for the system used in the FSD V12 demo was only about 100 watts on the Tesla AI computer. The CEO noted that such “a little bit of power is enough to achieve superlative driving.” However, Musk highlighted that achieving superhuman driving with AI would require billions of dollars annually and a huge fleet of vehicles.

With that in mind, Musk noted that Tesla currently has more than 4 million cars on the road capable of training AI. This is a large number, which is very impressive considering how young the company is in the automotive sector. However, Musk also estimated that Tesla’s fleet will be much larger in the future, reaching “about 10 million” in a few years.

Statistic: The number of Tesla cars delivered worldwide from the first quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2023 (in 1,000 units) |  Statista
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Musk has certainly been known to be overly optimistic about estimated timeframes, but it should be noted that 10 million is quite realistic. as pointed out StatistaAfter all, Tesla’s total sales have crossed the 4.4 million mark, so if the electric car maker continues to grow at its pace, a total fleet size of 10 million vehicles may already be within reach.

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Elon Musk estimates that the Tesla fleet will reach 10 million in a few years

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