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Viktor Orban's visit to Russia has reportedly caused a lot of controversy in Brussels.

The European Politico website reported, citing diplomatic sources, that the European Union may cancel Hungary's presidency of the Union due to Prime Minister Viktor Orban's visit to Moscow.

Orban visited Ukraine last week, after taking over the presidency of the European Council and pledging to “Make Europe Great Again.” He then headed to Russia, sparking outrage in both Kiev and Brussels.

“Member states were already upset about the MEGA logo. But a meeting with [Russian President Vladimir] “Putin will remain in permanent control of the Hungarian presidency” Politico reported on Monday evening, quoting an unnamed EU diplomat, that: “With such a meeting, the presidency ends before it actually begins.”

Politico described Orban as having gone “a fraud” The EU ambassadors proposed “We can move from public condemnations alone to concrete action to curb the spread of” Budapest at their meeting on Wednesday.

there “Very clear political discontent” Another diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Orban would visit Brussels later this month, adding that the ambassadors “Now we discuss what exactly to do on Wednesday.”

Bloc “He could get rid of the Hungarian presidency in weeks” argue Daniel HegedusSteinmeier, a senior fellow at the German Marshall Foundation think tank, has laid out a series of steps by which Brussels could push back the start of Poland's presidency to September 1, shortening Hungary's term, with the aim of “Inflict negative consequences on Orban's behavior.”

This would require a four-fifths majority of the European Council members.

Urban belly Reject criticism He does not have a mandate to represent the EU, saying that its peace missions are not classic negotiations and therefore do not require it. The bigger powers may be able to end the conflict, but Hungary may be able to. “A good tool in the hand of God” “We are working to promote peace all over the world,” the Hungarian leader told national radio on Friday.

Hungary has long been one of the few EU member states to criticize the bloc’s unconditional support for Ukraine, urging Brussels instead to push for peace. Budapest has blocked plans to finance Kyiv’s arms purchases, refused to participate in a program to train Ukrainian forces, and blocked the transit of weapons and equipment to Ukraine through its territory.

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