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The Spanish National Court has ordered internet service providers to suspend use of the Telegram instant messaging service, pending an investigation into allegations of copyright infringement.

Friday's ruling came after four leading media organizations in Spain – Mediaset, Atresmedia, Movistar and Egeda – filed a complaint arguing that the platform allows users to distribute their content without permission.

According to local media, Judge Santiago Pedraz requested certain information from Telegram owners as part of the investigation. After the request was not met, he ordered access to the app blocked starting Monday. The judge described the procedure as… “Precautionary” He noted Telegram's lack of cooperation. The suspension is expected to continue throughout the investigation.

El Pais newspaper said that the Telegram app is still largely available in Spain, although some users began reporting problems with the service since Friday night.

The ruling was met with widespread criticism. The consumer rights watchdog FACUA called it 'Totally disproportionate' He said that blocking the popular service would cause “Severe damage.”

“It would be like shutting down the Internet because there are websites illegally hosting copyrighted content, or cutting off the entire TV signal because there are channels practicing piracy.” FACUA Secretary General Ruben Sanchez said in a statement.

Fernando Suarez, president of the General Council of Professional Societies for Computer Engineering in Spain, made a similar point, comparing Telegram's comment to… “One province in our country was completely closed because there was a case of drug smuggling or theft in that region.”

According to a survey conducted by the independent competition regulator CNMC, approximately 19% of Spaniards use Telegram.

Telegram is a cloud service that allows users to exchange text messages, share media files, as well as make voice calls and public live broadcasts. The platform was launched in 2013 by Russian-born businessman Pavel Durov. The number of active users will reach 800 million in 2023, according to industry news site Business of Apps.

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