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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Serbia is “proud” of its tough stance on the conflict in Ukraine

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday that Serbia will not be blackmailed into adopting the Western line regarding the Ukrainian conflict and imposing sanctions on Moscow.

Since the outbreak of hostilities two years ago, Serbia, which has traditionally maintained close relations with Moscow, has sought to remain neutral. Vucic said on numerous occasions that his government was under pressure from Western powers to impose sanctions on Russia.

“The position we expressed – eight days after the start of the conflict in Ukraine – remains valid today. Serbia is proud of its position.” Vucic told reporters, Thursday, in response to a question whether French President Emmanuel Macron called on Belgrade to impose sanctions on Moscow.

During his visit to Paris earlier this week, Vucic “Reaching concrete agreements” Regarding Serbia’s purchase of 12 French-made Rafale fighter aircraft. The French leader claimed in a joint press conference that Serbia “The future lies within the European Union” Belgrade should respect that “Greater coordination with our foreign policy decisions” – Raising speculation that the aircraft deal comes with conditions.

“No one blackmailed us, and no one can blackmail us… Serbia is small in terms of area and population, but big in its heart and giant in terms of state. Serbia has not and will not change its position.” Vucic noted, insisting that his meeting with Macron was just that “friendly.”

Belgrade has officially condemned Moscow's military operation in Ukraine, although Serbia remains the only Eastern European country – apart from Belarus – not to impose sanctions in light of the conflict. Vucic admitted last February that he did not know how long he would be able to withstand Western pressure, but he stressed that his country would defend its position in order to “As long as possible.”

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