Everything that Zack Taylor said after the Bengals-Commanders Preseason Game

Coach Zack Taylor

On how serious DE Joseph Ossai was:

“I’m not sure. I’m not sure. It might be a sprain. We’ll find out.”

On why DE Joseph Ossai played tonight:

“I need the actors. I need the actors.”

In tonight’s midfield game:

“Yeah, I thought (QB Jake Browning) did a good job getting us on the field. The second possession we had another big game, and they were called back. So I thought he had a couple good drives. I thought (QB) Trevor (Simian)” “was “He’s got some great driving for us. And (QB) Reed (Sennett) got up there and did a great job getting us down the field as well at the end. We had an unfortunate sack there and a penalty but I think those three guys did some good things for us.”

On whether there is any clarity regarding the reserve quarterback position:

“Yes, we will. I won’t announce it now, but we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

On QB Jake Browning’s growth:

“I think Jake is one of those guys who needed experience in NFL games. Again, that’s what he’s got here the last couple of years. He’s got a little in Minnesota too, so guys sometimes need game reps.”

On whether Browning was an NFL quarterback for five seasons without ever playing a regular season game is an odd one:

“It’s not as weird as you think. There are a lot of midfielders who probably haven’t played yet, but they’re in training squads and things like that. I don’t really have much to say there.”

On Browning’s continued great play during the preseason after his performance in Atlanta:

“Yeah, that was good. Two good cars for him.”

On how important this match is for the team’s rookies:

“I think that’s a good thing. You just have to look at the players, starting from the attack. They will see different coverage, different looks that they have to react to. The coaches are not on the field, nobody tells them what to do. They have to work it out themselves. They are They make mistakes, and that’s going to happen. That’s why we want these guys to get these actors to work their way through that kind of thing. Same for defense, adapting to a different look, and maybe there’s something else” exploratory look we didn’t get into this week. to which you should be able to respond. All of this is a good job. These three pre-season matches are very valuable. I know we didn’t start much, but it’s really valuable for the depth of our roster to get that experience that they probably won’t get once the season starts.”

On landing WR Andrei Iosivas:

“That was good. That was one of those five backhands. Back five yards at the end of the line, and you have to throw it to where no one but your man can get it. I thought he did.” You did a great job of getting there and going to get it. . I thought (QB) Jake (Browning) stepped up again and found him, so it was a good play.”

On what RB Chase Brown can do for offense this season:

“Well, he got his hands on the ball in the running game. I thought he provided value there. He did a good job with the yardage after contact. He gave us some ugly yardage today. I like what I saw from Chase.”

On TE Tanner Hudson’s preseason performance:

“I think Tanner (Hudson) did a good job. He was such a reliable threat for us. He does a good job with his sprinting game, mixes things up and does his job. So, I’m happy with what I’ve seen from him.”

About D. Raymond Johnson III:

“Raymond made some great plays for us. You used to see a lot of plays in the backfield that Raymond was a part of. It was exciting to see these guys get their opportunities and make the most of them.”

How will the next three days be for the technical staff:

“There’s a lot of meetings with (Director of Player Affairs) Duke (Tobin) and his staff. That’ll be tomorrow, just sorting everything out and then formulating our plan for the next couple of days.”

About CB DJ Ivey’s performance:

“I saw some good plays on the ball from Ivey. Some contested plays and even one of the passes he gave up on third down was there. It was competition, he was in tight coverage and the guy did a good play so I think he was involved in some key plays throughout.” the match.”

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