Exchange agreement…Israeli delegation returns to negotiate, Hamas accuses of delaying news

Israel's Channel 12 said the Israeli negotiating delegation returned from the Qatari capital Doha Inform the political and security leadership on the outcome of negotiations on the prisoner exchange agreement and ceasefire GazaAlthough the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitationThe Israeli government is stalling the negotiations in order to frustrate them.

The channel added that the Israeli government will hold consultations on the talks at multiple levels on Thursday.

Al Jazeera reported that the discussions at the Doha meeting focused on outstanding issues in arranging the various stages of the agreement, especially the Cease-fire The means of achieving it are contained in its provisions.

While the Israel Broadcasting Authority cited officials involved in the talks as saying the current opportunity to reach an exchange agreement might not be repeated, Yediot Al-Assad said the parties involved would try to take stock of the issues on which progress had been made and resolve as many differences as possible.

This is according to reports that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States was involved (CIA) William Burns, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-ThaniAnd the head of the Egyptian Intelligence Agency Abbas Kamel.

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the National Security Council, said:White House “Cautiously optimistic about Gaza ceasefire talks.”

Limited Window

In a related context, Israel’s Minister of Defense stated: Yoav Galant Israel has a limited time frame for repatriating prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

Galant believed that “the situation that this agreement will bring about will enhance our national and security interests. For the risks that may arise, the Israeli army and security forces know how to overcome them,” but did not clarify further.

He went on to say that “in addition to military action to defeat Hamas, reaching an agreement to return the kidnapped persons is appropriate, right and necessary.”

The Israeli Chief of Staff said in turn Hertz Halevi The agreement to repatriate prisoners from Gaza is necessary to save their lives.

Meanwhile, families of Israeli prisoners detained in the Gaza Strip and Israeli activists organized a march from in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv to the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Participants in the demonstration held up slogans demanding the government to resign Benjamin Netanyahu By reaching an exchange agreement.

Israel's Army Radio quoted the finance minister as saying: Bezalej Smotrich He said ending the war would mean the Hamas movement would still exist and would return to the state it was in before October 7, 2023, within two years.

Smotrich called for not approving the swap deal, which he described as a capitulation.

Nothing new

On the other hand, the Hamas movement announced today, Thursday, that the mediators have not yet informed it of any new information regarding the ceasefire and prisoner exchange negotiations.

“The occupation government continues to pursue a policy of delay to buy time with the aim of frustrating this round of negotiations, just like the previous ones, without deceiving our people and their resistance,” Hamas said in a brief statement.

The same position is confirmed by the Israeli media, as Haaretz reports, “Every time there is progress in the negotiations, Netanyahu deliberately makes strong statements against the deal and asks ministers to attack the proposals.”

The newspaper explained that Netanyahu had systematically blocked any agreement on the swap over the past few months, noting that he leaked key information related to the negotiations to the media.

On Sunday, Netanyahu said any swap deal with Hamas must allow Israel to continue fighting, while opposition leaders asked: Yair Lapid On the usefulness of such “provocative remarks” at this stage of the negotiations.

Egypt and Qatar are conducting indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel, trying to reach a deal to exchange Israeli prisoners for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and achieve a ceasefire in Gaza.

Since October 7 last year, he has been launching Israeli occupation forces A devastating war in Gaza, backed by the United States, has left more than 126,000 Palestinians dead and wounded, most of them children and women, with more than 10,000 missing amid widespread destruction and devastation.famine It claimed the lives of dozens of children.

Tel Aviv continues the war, ignoring UN Security Council resolutions to immediately stop the war, as well as orders from the International Court of Justice to take measures to prevent acts of terrorism. Genocide and improve the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

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