Expected news of Galant's firing as differences with Netanyahu escalate


Israel's Channel 12 reported that people close to the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu They believe that the Secretary of Defense Yoav Galant He is no longer a member of the league and they are discussing whether to remove him in the summer.

Israel's official radio also said Netanyahu had discussed the issue of firing Galant with his close associates in recent days.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Jerusalem Post said it was aware of a dispute between Netanyahu and his defense minister over a prisoner swap deal with the Islamic Resistance.agitation) is bigger than any of their previous controversies.

In his analysis, the newspaper's chief military correspondent, Jonah Jeremy Pope, noted that the dispute between “the two most powerful leaders in Israel today” had previously erupted publicly in a “chaotic manner,” mainly focusing on judicial reform and what measures could be taken against reservists who threatened to resign.

Besides the problem of recruiting men from the sect Orthodox Religious people in the military, and whether it is possible to seek help from some of their employees Palestinian Authority Replacing Hamas Gaza Strip.

Gallant's remarks, which rejected Israel's military rule in the Gaza Strip and insisted on completing the “post-war plan”, have once again put the divisions and positions within the Netanyahu-led government that emerged in March last year in the spotlight. Gallant's position on refusing to modify Israel's judicial system.

Analysts agree that the escalating disagreement between Netanyahu and Galant has exacerbated divisions within the government and the War Council, deepened rifts and divisions in Israeli society, and demonstrated the exposure of political, partisan and religious polarization, as well as the intensification of the conflict between secular and religious Zionist trends.

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