Experts: Netanyahu deliberately questioned the negotiations, Biden has no influence on him

The Israeli Prime Minister is trying Benjamin Netanyahu – Experts believe – This adds uncertainty to the ongoing negotiations Doha On the prisoner exchange, he sought not just to reach a practical agreement but to buy time.

Netanyahu set some preconditions that made a deal seem impossible, but he spoke of a positive atmosphere and a desire to reach an agreement, even at a stage that was designed to heighten uncertainty about the future. Ihab Jabareen, an expert on Israeli affairs, said the negotiations were progressing.

According to Jabarin, speaking on the show “Gaza: What's Next?”, Netanyahu wants the current negotiations themselves, not an agreement, because continuing the talks would help his goal of continuing the war in the framework of discussing contentious issues with all parties to the resistance.

Netanyahu also wants the negotiation process to continue until his scheduled speech later this month. U.S. Congress Maybe he'll come back Washington According to the speaker himself, it was very rewarding.

Pessimistic scenario

On the other hand, former officials believe that… U.S. Department of Defense Michael Mulroy is trapped Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas's decision to stop the war altogether after the phase one deal led to pessimism about the fate of the negotiations, but also bolstered Netanyahu's reluctance to reach an agreement.

Mulroy believes Israel's prime minister is stalling while awaiting results US presidential electionBecause he knew he would come back. Donald Trump For the White House This means alleviating a lot of the pressure from management Joe Biden.

But, that USA Push for ceasefire Gaza Strip Hope to avoid direct war between Israel andHezbollah Mulroy said that on the one hand, it was to improve Biden's image, but on the other hand, his stance on the war greatly damaged Biden's image.

Finally, the spokesman added that things may become clearer after Netanyahu is set to address the U.S. Congress later this month.

Haaretz claimed that despite sending a team to negotiate, Netanyahu has deliberately obstructed negotiations over the past few months, and in addition to leaking a hardline stance to the government, he has been inciting government ministers to attack any prisoner exchange proposals. The media cited “official sources” as saying.

But political analyst Sari Orabi believes that everyone – be it the security services, the military or the opposition… IsraelOr in the US government, they began to talk about the need to stop the war under the weight of the new reality brought about by the resistance on the ground and the tremendous steadfastness shown by the Palestinians in the face of a devastating war.

New reality

Orabi said the resistance has created a reality that forces everyone — especially the United States — to negotiate with it “because it does not live under illusions about Washington, Netanyahu or the Arab states, but relies on exhausting the forces of the occupation battle and its regional allies.”

But Jabarin believes Netanyahu has the ability to derail the negotiations because he is the only person with final decision-making power in Israel and wants to strengthen his political position and evade the expected ruler.

Moreover, Jabarin believes that Netanyahu is “primarily trying to achieve ideological goals and seeking to rebuild the political legacy that he spent more than 15 years building and then destroyed.” Al-Aqsa FloodNot to mention his insistence on portraying himself as a strong leader in history David Ben Gurion (one of the most important founders of Israel) on one hand.

Even the Israeli Defense Minister spoke out Yoav Galant Whether an agreement can be reached this time and the call to seize it partly belongs to the “leading sheep” policy that Israel has always pursued in any negotiation, that is, the policy of ignoring the issues raised previously and raising new ones, in the view of Jabareen, to discuss them again.

From this perspective, Galant, on the one hand, reinforces the state of uncertainty proposed by Netanyahu, while on the other hand, sends a message internally to reduce the pressure on his own position. LikudAccording to the spokesperson himself.

Regarding the purpose of this negotiation, Jabarin said that Israel this time only wants to guarantee its right to resume fighting and obtain the names of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that these two things will not be given up this time, regardless of Netanyahu's position.

Regarding the US position on Israel's behavior, Mulroy said that the Biden administration would never declare Netanyahu the reason for blocking the agreement because it would not be good for the upcoming elections, while Orabi said that Washington is “trying to achieve something. To restore Israel's injured dignity.”

Mulroy concluded that Netanyahu’s behavior toward the United States has damaged relations, but that the Biden administration has no leverage over him because he is clearly betting on the return of Trump, whose rhetoric is aimed at easing pressure on Israel.

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