Farahi: Shujaya battle confirms resistance has reintegrated its brigades to overcome damage from war

Military expert Colonel Hatem Farahi said the factions Resistance It has begun to reshape and distribute its power in ways that are evident in the violent battles it has witnessed. Shujaya north Gaza Strip.

In his analysis of the military situation in the Gaza Strip, he added that what has happened in Shujaiya over the past three days is completely different from the confrontations witnessed in the area during the first and second phases of the Israeli war, stressing that the occupation forces are moving very slowly in the area, noting that they now have an armored brigade and another that is tracking paratroopers in Shujaiya, but cannot penetrate the area due to the architectural features of the area. The military expert said that this hinders the work of the mechanism due to its small size and lack of wide streets.

According to Al-Falahi, the resistance groups carried out concrete operations against the occupation forces in Al-Shuja'iya over the past two days and killed and wounded seven soldiers in direct clashes today (Saturday).

Military experts said the data showed that the resistance movement diversified its response methods depending on battlefield conditions, in addition to geographically redistributing its forces and merging some brigades to compensate for losses suffered during the war.

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