First call: The 49ers sign the former Steeler before their opener. Antonio Brown is in trouble again

The San Francisco 49ers don’t have Nick Bosa in the fold yet, but they do have a pretty good source for information on the Steelers.

Antonio Brown is in trouble again, and the Steelers may be on their way to taking on the NFL’s next marketing genius.

All on First Call on Wednesday.

Speaking of talking points

If there’s going to be a party in San Francisco about Nick Bossa, it’s going to be a collective death grip.

On Monday, defensive coordinator Steve Wilkes said there was no news to share about the star rusher’s resilience, and He seemed dismissive For any concern about his condition.

Coach Kyle Shanahan sounded a similar tone on Tuesday.

“It’s going exactly as I expected it to,” Shanahan said. According to quotes from “It was exactly what I thought.”

The length of the wait didn’t seem to affect Shanahan either. “Yeah, I had a feeling it was going to take that long,” he said.

As for when the 49ers and Bossa might come to a new agreement, Shanahan said, “Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

The Steelers play San Francisco in the first week of the regular season at Akrisor Stadium. Niners General Manager John Lynch king previously mentioned He expects Bossa to need three weeks of intensification.

This game is now 19 days later.

Miller time

When an NFL team has a roster gap to fill and that team signs an outcast player from the opponent they’re about to face, the coach of the team signing that player always says it’s a coincidence.

No attempt at espionage; no hope of extracting information or gathering any pearls of wisdom.

But boy, that coincidence sure happens a lot, right?

The 49ers, who (as mentioned) play at Acrisure Stadium Week 1, He just signed former Steeler Anthony Miller.

While the veteran receiver has only played in one game for the franchise, he was in Pittsburgh from Oct. 21, 2021, through June of this year. So he knows the crime.

But, again, just a coincidence… right?

Miller appeared in 50 NFL games with 18 starts. He made 139 receptions for 1,587 yards and 12 touchdowns during his time with the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans before donning the black and gold.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before

Former Steeler Antonio Brown is in trouble again.

I have to keep this line in my cut and paste clipboard.

This time, he is accused of failing to pay child support and faces an arrest warrant.

This line must be operational at all times as well.

according for TMZ.comMiami-Dade County court documents indicate that Brownfoot apparently paid Wiltress Jackson $15,000 in child support. The website notes that Brown can cancel the order if he pays the amount, plus an additional $5,000 in attorney’s fees.

It is the second time this year that a judge has ordered law enforcement to arrest AB for unpaid child support. An order was also issued after the Browns failed to repay Jackson $30,000 in April.

In 2019, Jackson Browne was also accused of pushing her during a domestic dispute. But Brown was never charged.

TMZ did not receive comment after requesting a quote from Brown’s representative.

Dijon Bijan

We don’t know if Atlanta Falcons running back Bejan Robinson will play against the Steelers on Thursday night. Neither he nor coach Arthur Smith made any commitment one way or the other in this regard.

“I feel good. Coach Smith has a plan for who he’s going to play and what he wants to do for the players. But, you know, the time I had (Friday), I just enjoyed it. I’m ready to go whenever I go again,” said Bejan.

We’ll see if that happens on Thursday. He had 20 yards on four carries on Friday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Now the favorite NFL Rookie of the Year (+300) has his own commercial.

And guess what it is – mustard. Yes. I’m even surprised it took this long. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Pejan Mostardson.

Bijan’s Dijon take on hot dogs looks pretty good right now. For the Falcons, they better hope sophomore Desmond Ridder throws a football and the QB in the commercial throws hot dogs.

Oh, by the way, Robinson didn’t end up there. He is also now a part-owner of the professional pickleball team – Austin Ranchers. He is one of 40 people who have joined the team. Others include Penn State producer and Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons, Texas A&M University and Cleveland Browns All Pro alumni Miles Garrett, Chicago Bears QBC J Stroud and professional golfer Scottie Scheffler.

“A lot of people are starting to own pickleball teams like Drake, like LeBron,” Robinson said via the team’s website. So, (I said), ‘I want to go into this matter.’

Personally, I think mustard and pickles are a great combination. If Robinson gets the right Texas barbecue for pickleball games, he can sell Cuban sandwiches for $30 apiece.

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