Fisker Ocean’s official owner encounter, software updates, and European expansion

We bring you the latest on Fisker Ocean’s first-ever official owner meeting, software improvements, and Fisker’s expansion in Europe.

Today, we’re updating you after an eventful weekend for Fisker. The company’s activities span two continents as it continues to expand. First, Fisker organized an inaugural owner meeting and software update event in the Los Angeles area over the weekend. Meanwhile, Fisker hosted a test drive pop-up event in San Diego, which we attended and covered on Saturday. All of these customer focused activities occurred in tandem with the company’s expansion into new European markets.

First ever official Fisker owner encounter

The inaugural meeting of the owners of Fisker Ocean at The Grove (Los Angeles, CA).
The inaugural meeting of the owners of Fisker Ocean at The Grove (Los Angeles, CA).

The official meeting for Fisker Ocean One owners provided a platform for owners to network, share experiences and foster a sense of community. Owners headed to Fisker’s La Palma facility to update their electric vehicles with the latest software packages. While the software was updated by service technicians, the owners were moved to the Fisker Lounge in The Grove.

As proud owners of Fisker Ocean, this gathering afforded us the opportunity to meet fellow owners from the vicinity and engage in an interactive session with company-wide executives. In a group of approximately 50, the owners spoke freely with Fisker management, offering candid feedback. For example, suggestions have been made to improve the “low” notes in music to really feel the bass with certain music.

Owners have shared dozens of feature requests for the Fisker Ocean program. In collaboration with members of the Fiskerati forums community, we have compiled, rewritten, and categorized 41 feature requests. During the session, we personally handed two hard copies of these requests to Henrik Fisker. Impressively, we’ve already received word that Fisker management has thoroughly reviewed each application. The company has committed to providing us with a written response, which we will share with you promptly.

The features we provided to Fisker management covered various aspects, including comfort and user experience, security and privacy, climate control and comfort, customization and personalization, navigation and connectivity, driving assistance and safety, as well as remote control and power management. We understand that not every feature request will find its way onto the Fisker product roadmap, and we’re completely satisfied with that. Aside from getting 13 new software improvements at Ocean One, the most important thing we learned from this event is Fisker’s true commitment to listening to and taking care of its customers.

Henrik Fisker caught Fisker Ocean in action yesterday and he looks great!

Fisker has expanded into Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland

Fisker Oceans is built entirely out of Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).
Fisker Oceans is built entirely out of Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

Earlier today, Fisker officially announced its expansion into three new European markets. This launch brings some exciting updates for customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. First, Fisker’s dual endorsement strategy is being put to good use, allowing Fisker to establish a strong early presence in Europe. Customers in new launch markets will discover country-specific websites for Fisker Ocean ordering. Just like customers in other European markets, customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland will experience the same direct selling model.

Second, customers in the three new launch countries will also enjoy the benefits of Fisker’s comprehensive service and sales support. Fisker aims to implement its European strategy for Fisker Lounge and Center+ locations in these countries. The company plans to set up retail stores, delivery points and service centers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, in strategic locations near major cities. Fisker Ocean deliveries in these new markets are scheduled to begin at the end of September.

β€œIt’s very exciting to be expanding into new European countries. Ultimately, we want to sell our cars all over the world, but creating a strong early presence in Europe has always been one of our top priorities.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker Inc.

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