Found at a bus stop. Painting 'The Rest of the Journey to Egypt' sold for £17.5m | Mixed


U.K- The 16th century painting Rest on the Journey to Egypt by Italian artist Tiziano Vecellio sold for £17.56 million at a Christie's auction in London yesterday (Tuesday).

The painting, inspired by a story from Titian's Gospel of Matthew, depicts the Virgin Mary resting under a tree while the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, as a baby, is held in the arms of Saint Joseph in the countryside during his journey to Egypt to escape King Herod's plot to kill Christ.

The scene is surrounded by rich scenery, which is characteristic of Titian's style. Lady Mary can be seen sitting quietly with the baby Jesus, wishing him peace, creating an atmosphere of peace and comfort. Titian used bright colors and fine details to highlight the beauty of the scene and give it a sense of reality.

Titian was known for his creative use of color and oil painting techniques, which gave his works depth and vitality. This painting is an example of his ability to depict natural and human scenes in a realistic and profound way.

Christie's estimates the painting's price at between £15 and £25 million. The painting has been a bone of contention for centuries between nobles and emperors and has attracted great interest, especially since it was looted by Napoleon's troops in Vienna in 1809. It was stolen twice a few years ago before being found in a plastic bag.

Christie's suggests Titian painted the painting when he was in his early twenties, and the painting is considered one of Titian's most famous works, highlighting his skill for realistic and dramatic depictions of religious events.

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