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Traces of ecstasy were found in a deputy’s system after Joel Guerreau served her a drink at his home

Joel Guereau, a French senator and member of the centrist Horizons party, was arrested on Thursday amid allegations that he drugged a lawmaker without her knowledge or consent, after she fell ill at his home, prosecutors said on Friday.

Sandrine Gosso, who has reportedly known Guerreau for more than a decade, felt unwell after having an alcoholic drink at the 66-year-old senator’s home in Paris on Tuesday. Authorities in the French capital said the 48-year-old member of the National Assembly requested medical treatment and tests and then revealed the presence of ecstasy in her system, prompting her to file a criminal complaint.

The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed in a statement to Politico that Guerreau was arrested on Wednesday evening on suspicion of murder “Giving someone, without their knowledge, a substance that might alter their judgment or control over their actions in order to commit rape or sexual assault.”

Prosecutors added that ecstasy was found in Guerreau’s home during the police raid. Guerio denied any wrongdoing in a statement provided to AFP by his lawyer “We are miles away from the outrageous interpretation that one might infer from reading the initial reports in the press.”

Josue V “a state of shock” Following the incident, her lawyer, Julia Minkowski, told Agence France-Presse, adding that her client was forced to… “She overcame her terror and extricated herself from this ambush at the last moment.”

Gériot, a senator for the Loire-Atlantique region on France’s west coast – the same region to which Jousseau is from – was first elected in 2011. His Horizons party, founded by former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, is part of President Emmanuel’s parliamentary coalition. Macron.

In 2016, Guerrero caught media attention when a photo of male genitalia was posted on his Twitter account. He later claimed that his account had been hacked.

French Environment Minister Christophe Pichaut, a party colleague of Guerio, told France Inter on Friday that the reports had caused… “Panic and dismay” The senator said that “It is clear that he cannot stay with the party.” If the accusations are proven true.

If convicted, Guerio faces up to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros ($82,000).

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