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According to the Associated Press, the occupation forces completely wiped out the Salem family, which numbered 170 and had no male members left, in two attacks just eight days apart.

This isn't the only family Gaza Strip During the current war, Dr. Omar Faranai’s family was erased from civil records after his family and his descendants were killed in a bombing at their home in the Tal Al-Hawa area.

Dr Aya Faranai (Dr Omar's daughter) recounted in an audio recording last October the horror she experienced as a result of the bombings, concluding by saying she was certain they would not survive.

According to Mohammed Mujeer, head of the Documentation and Follow-up Committee of the Gaza Civil Defence, in early December last year, the Salem family's home in the Sheikh Radwan area was attacked, killing about 85 people. The occupation forces killed them after forcing them to move to the Al-Rimal and Tal Al-Hawa areas.

More than 500 families were wiped out

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Mugil said civil defence records show that more than 500 families had their records completely wiped out as a result of direct Israeli attacks, including the killing of 12 entire families in one recent operation. Nuseraat Camp last month.

He stressed that most of the weapons used to kill these families were American and that the occupying forces deliberately attacked neighborhoods or areas where a person they wanted to assassinate was located, which increased the number of victims.

According to Al-Mughir, one of the families that was completely wiped out was the Al-Astal family, which lost more than 64 members in an attack against them. Khan Younis During November last year.

Israel also destroyed the residential square where Abu Qutta's family lived in the Al-Shaboura area, killing the entire family. Rafah.

Mugil said that although about 20 percent of the families killed were killed due to explosions, displacement, targeting of civil defense personnel and lack of internet to record them electronically, the process of recording all the martyred families is still going on.

According to reports, a few months ago, a bombing targeting journalist Alaa Muammar took place near the European Hospital, and during one of the search operations, the Civil Defence team discovered 37 martyrs from the Muammar family, which led to the erasure of five families from the civil registry. Al-Mujir.

According to the spokesman, the Civil Protection Department is working to monitor these families and the families killed by them Israel This information could be provided to the legal team in a number of ways as evidence of Israeli crimes in international courts.

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