Germany: Netanyahu must condemn settler attacks on West Bank

Minister of Foreign Affairs stated German Israeli Prime Minister Annalena Berbock must Benjamin NetanyahuCondemns settler violence against Palestinians bank of the west.

Netanyahu must condemn and investigate settler violence, she said in a statement to DW on Tuesday.

She said the matter was also necessary for Israel’s security, noting that the latter had a responsibility to ensure that chaos in the West Bank did not escalate.

about Gaza StripShe stressed the need for efforts to ensure that the people of Gaza have safe places to access drinking water and medicines.

She noted that the people of Gaza must be protected because the war is ongoing HamasNot targeting innocent civilians, women and children.

She defended her country’s rejection of a ceasefire in Gaza, saying it would buy Hamas more time and build strength.

Across the West Bank, including in the city of East Jerusalem, Israeli forces have invaded villages and towns, accompanied by confrontations, arrests, shooting and tear gas at Palestinians.

During this period, more than 200 West Bank residents were killed by bullets from the occupying forces, and approximately 2,800 others were injured.

Tensions in the West Bank coincide with Israel’s ongoing devastating war on Gaza, which has so far killed more than 14,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured more than 33,000 others.

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