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Both operating systems dominate Google Android andcamel “iOS” in the world of mobile devices, almost all smartphones and tablets use both systems, but Google’s system has become more widespread recently.

Responding to the reasons why users prefer one system over another or switch between them, Steffen Herget of Germany’s CT magazine said: “The biggest advantage of the Apple iOS operating system is that the device’s software and components come from one Source, while Apple She developed the iOS operating system itself and it is only available for iPhone and iPad tablets.

More security

Herget added: “This allows smartphones and operating systems to be well compatible so that users don’t run into problems with programs offering features that are not supported by the device or vice versa, and given that Apple’s systems are considered closed systems , and therefore a higher level of security.”

This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the application can only be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store. German experts confirmed that these applications can be accurately verified and therefore have fewer problems with the software than Google’s system, which is considered more vulnerable to electronic hacking due to its large market share and wide spread.

Large scope of freedom

Herget pointed out that the advantage of Google’s Android system is that compared with Apple’s iOS system, the operating system represents a greater range of freedom. The German expert added: “Apple’s iOS operating system is only available for iPhone smartphones or iPad tablets, so the range of models to choose from is limited, while Google’s Android system is available for many models in different countries and international companies”.

Google Android users enjoy greater freedom in customizing the appearance of the operating system. “Users can install new interfaces to either give them a new look or simplify the look for older users, and it’s not easy for users to make such modifications on Apple’s iOS operating system,” Herget explained.

Apple event September 12, 2023 iPhone 15 From the company website
The update method for Apple’s iOS operating system is simpler than that of Google’s (Apple’s) Android system.

Obstacle update

Updates are the biggest obstacle for Google’s Android operating system. German experts said, “There is a lot of fragmentation in Android versions, which makes users sometimes have to wait for months to get new updates to the operating system.”

The reason for this is mainly due to the large number of Android device models and the huge effort required to adapt updates to these individual devices, but with the Apple operating system “iOS” updates are done in a simpler way than this. Everything comes from one source, so users should get updates quickly and easily.

However, with the advent of Google Android devices, this culture began to change. Verfone has announced an 8-year operating system update for the fifth version of its smartphone, which relies on sustainability features. Android operating system developer Google itself has announced that it will extend the update cycle of its Pixel 8 smartphone models to seven years.

Google Android users have greater freedom to customize the appearance of the operating system (Getty)

Change operating system

Sebastian Kloss of Bitkom, the German communications and information technology association, pointed out that changing the operating system does not happen consciously, but happens accidentally when a user likes a specific smartphone.

Herget added: “When a home has a lot of devices that rely on one of the two operating systems, it can be useful to switch between the two operating systems so that data and content across the home can be more easily synchronized.”

He went on to say that switching to an iPhone smartphone is also useful when moving from a computer with Microsoft Windows to a Mac device.

Regarding the difficulty of switching from one operating system to another, Kloss explained that the process is very smooth because the data is transmitted through cables or Wi-Fi networks. But the most important thing is that the data is transferred when setting up the device for the first time and when the user requests it, it can be transferred manually later if he skips this step.

He added: “If the user transfers data when setting up the device for the first time, he will be guided through the next steps to transfer private files, photos, videos, contacts, calendar entries, email accounts, bookmarks in the browser, and free Data.” apps will be transferred to the new device, and even messages from your current messaging app will be transferred automatically.

Paid content (such as purchased e-books or paid apps) may come with some limitations, and users often must repurchase the app when switching to a new operating system.

Herget added that the process of switching from Google Android to Apple iOS is generally less complicated than the process from Apple iOS to Google Android. Because some apps exist on Android devices, such as Google Apps packages, it can also be installed on iPhone, but requires a new login.

German experts pointed out that Apple services, such as iMessage apps, cannot be used on Android devices, and switching from Apple iOS to Google Android requires more manual procedures.

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