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Putrajaya- Shahr Aman Mohammed Shari has been engaged in humanitarian relief work for more than 15 years, traveling between many countries, but since October 7 last year, he has devoted all his energy to helping the Palestinian people and has been appointed as the Inspection and Planning Director of Malaysia's “Operation Charity”, with the task of coordinating joint efforts between the Malaysian government and civil society organizations operating in Palestine.

Shari told Al Jazeera that without close collaboration and integration among hundreds of non-governmental organizations and government agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it would be impossible to overcome the huge obstacles in providing aid to Palestine, as the most prestigious Malaysian humanitarian organization faces severe restrictions on its work in Palestine.

Safety Month (Wearing Palestinian Hijab): Government diplomacy helps promote the work of Malaysian humanitarian organizations and provide assistance to victims of Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.
Shari believes that government diplomacy has helped facilitate the arrival of aid from Malaysian humanitarian organizations in the Gaza Strip (Al Jazeera)

Integration efforts

The Palestinian People Assistance Fund was established in 2002, but Malaysia’s humanitarian efforts have continued to be integrated and organized since the operation began. Al-Aqsa FloodShari said he confirmed that providing assistance to Palestinians affected by Israel's aggression in the Gaza Strip was the result of joint efforts by the Government and humanitarian agencies.

Shari cited the ceremony in which Foreign Minister Mohamad Hassan announced last Wednesday a new batch of aid from Malaysia to the Palestinian people, valued at about $20 million, raised by civil society organisations as part of their ongoing popular campaign.

As for Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustafa, head of Malaysia's largest civilian relief organization “My Care”, he believes that there is an urgent need to coordinate the political and humanitarian levels to provide aid, which is exactly what “Operation Mercy” seeks. This goal was launched immediately after the start of the Israeli aggression war in Gaza.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, he stressed the need for the international community to continue to exert pressure on the Israeli occupation to end genocide and crimes against humanity, which is the only way to stop the war, while stepping up efforts to meet Israel's humanitarian needs, first and foremost food and medicine.

Although Bin Mustafa praised the efforts of the Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim On the international level to stop the war and provide aid, he criticized what he called individual efforts by each country and expressed an urgent need for unity, noting Organization of Islamic Cooperation It could play a more effective role in that regard, he said.

interview method

Foreign Minister Mohammad Hassan announced last Wednesday that about half of the latest aid would be channelled through the agencies United Nationssuch as the Palestine Relief and Works Agency”UNRWA”, Office for Aid Coordination (OCHA).

The Minister stressed the importance of coordination and cooperation with Palestine's neighbours, especially Jordan and Egypt, in providing assistance to the Palestinian people, and said that only King Hussein Bridgeit connects Bank of the West In Jordan, after the occupation forces were destroyed Rafah Crossroads With Egypt.

Jasmine Johari, head of Operation Ihsan, ruled out the possibility of Malaysia's participation in airdrops to save people facing famine in the Gaza Strip. He told Al Jazeera that the countries involved in the air aid coordinated their actions with the occupation authorities, which contradicts the consensus reached by the Malaysian government and non-governmental organizations, avoiding a situation that could be interpreted as “normalization of relations or indirect recognition of the occupation entity.”

Representatives of a civil society group said in a statement to Al Jazeera that they wanted to provide aid by any means, including coordinating airdrops with neighboring countries that maintain relations with Israel, although they insisted on refusing to coordinate directly with the occupier.

The head of the Operation Al-Ihsan Shaari Inspection Department mentioned the visit of Malaysian Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad bin Amin to Egypt in April last year to discuss ways of providing Malaysian assistance and to contact Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim during his meeting with the Egyptian president.Bader Fateh SisiThis allowed some of Malaysia's aid to enter through the Rafah crossing at the time, but its entry was blocked after the Rafah operation in May last year.

Fahmi Shams al-Din called on the Malaysian government to benefit from its good relations with its Palestinian neighbors and facilitate the arrival of aid in any way possible.
Shamsuddin called on the Malaysian government to benefit from good relations with Jordan and Egypt to facilitate the arrival of aid (Al Jazeera)

As for Fahmi Shamsuddin, chairman of the Malaysian International Peace Organisation, he called on the government to invest in good relations with Palestinian neighbours to ensure that aid can reach the Gaza Strip by any means. He told Al Jazeera: “We rely heavily on political action to avoid a greater catastrophe than what is happening now.”

He added that after any crime committed by the occupation, international institutions are helping those affected in the Gaza Strip immediately and avoiding a humanitarian disaster, but in this aggression they are powerless and here “political action must be taken to break down the wall”, according to the head of the organization.

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