Hamas denies Israeli claim of resistance fighters at Jauni school

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said the Israeli army's claim that there were Palestinian resistance members at the UNRWA-affiliated Jauni School and that it bombed the school with aircraft, killing and injuring dozens of people, was “pure lies and deception.”

Earlier on Saturday, Israeli occupation forces claimed that they had targeted Palestinian gunmen inside the Jauni School, which houses displaced persons in the Nusserat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, killing 16 Palestinians and injuring 50 others.

The Israeli army claimed in a statement that its forces attacked resistance members inside the school compound, which they claimed was being used as a command headquarters for Hamas militants.

In response to these accusations, the movement explained in a statement that the Israeli army “seeks to deflect and promote its crimes to public opinion through its claims and to hide the clear objectives it seeks to achieve by exterminating the Palestinian people and destroying every aspect of life in the Gaza Strip.”

The movement’s statement added that centres for displaced persons, schools and UNRWA facilities were systematically attacked and destroyed, among which hundreds of displaced martyrs rose, including children, women and the elderly.

The movement said the repeated attacks required a clear stance from the international community to condemn them, work to stop them and hold the perpetrators of the occupation leadership accountable for their crimes.

Since the start of their incursion into the Gaza Strip on 7 October, the Israeli occupying forces have bombed 17 schools and centres providing shelter for displaced persons in the Nusserat refugee camp.

Palestinians use schools as refuge centres following the destruction of Palestinian homes and residential areas by the occupying forces during the ongoing Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

Last Tuesday, Sigrid Kach, chief coordinator for humanitarian affairs and reconstruction in Gaza, said in a briefing to the United Nations Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East that there are 1.9 million displaced people across Gaza. For about nine months, the Las Vegas Strip has been witness to a devastating Israeli war.

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