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The leader said islamic resistance movement (Hamas) Osama Hamdan: Haaretz’s publication of the Israeli police investigation into the death of revelers in the settlement of Reim during an Israeli bombing on October 7 last year confirms the aggression against… Gaza Strip It is built on lies spread by occupation leaders and supported by the United States and other Western countries.

Hamdan added at a press conference in Beirut today, Sunday, that the resistance movement was not targeting civilians, as the Israeli prime minister claimed Benjamin NetanyahuIsrael’s political and military leaders were the ones responsible for the massacre of those who attended this gathering.

Hamdan’s speech was based on an investigation by the occupation police, which concluded that the resistance movement was not aware of the party at the outset, while the occupation authorities were aware of its dates, locations and details, and that 4,000 foreigners attended the party .

Hamas leaders said the matter did not stop at the bombardment of revelers but extended to the bombing of some settler houses, which army leaders believed contained some prisoners, increasing the death toll within them.settlers, while Operation Al-Aqsa Flood targeted Gaza Band Basically it’s all military.

Hamdan believes that “this method of lying, which the occupying forces employ and rely on in all their actions and operations, is the same basis for attacks on Israel.” Shifa Medical Center Rantisi Hospital and the Nasr complex became military centers and he invaded civilians after expelling hundreds of patients and doctors by force. “

In return, he said, the world witnessed how the resistance treated women, children and captured and interned settlers heroically, fairly and compassionately, including caring for children and the sick and freeing the elderly.

Hamdan stressed that the content published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz “represents testimony from within the Zionist House that substantiates Hamas’s claims that the occupying forces killed hundreds of Israelis during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” Authenticity”.

He added, “Every aircraft of the occupation forces – like all armies – will not take off, or have ammunition or bombs, unless they have permission from the leadership. This means that the leadership of the occupation forces, Netanyahu and his war council were aware of the crime.”

The leader of the Hamas movement said, “Netanyahu committed several crimes as he killed ritual participants, covered them up and deceived his fans by accusing the resistance of murdering them. Then he Forty-five days after he used this crime to carry out Nazi massacres in Gaza, he still continues to lie.”

He emphasized that the circulated photos of charred bodies confirmed the lies of Netanyahu, who has so far refused to reveal the manner in which these people were killed or the identity of their owners, who he said were The bodies may be those of Palestinian resistance fighters.

Hamdan also pointed out that photos taken on the street where the bombing was witnessed confirmed that he was hit with strategic weapons and not conventional weapons from fighter jets on motorcycles.

Based on all this evidence, Hamdan calls on the U.S. government and its president Joe Biden “Retreat from positions supporting aggression against Gaza and apologize for adopting a false Zionist narrative.”

He said they “bear the consequences of the occupation and aggression carried out with US support and lies” and held the US government accountable for what is happening to the people of Gaza and its responsibility to stop it.

He also called on all European countries that adopted Israel’s narrative to apologize for their stance, and on the United Nations Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to take a responsible stance, stop the aggression and carry out their work. Hold Israel’s leaders accountable.

Hamdan called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to immediately open the Rafah land crossing to implement the decisions of an emergency summit in Riyadh, saying that every hour claimed the lives of dozens of children and civilians. .

The Hamas leader concluded by saying that the coalition and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation must take action to establish a special tribunal for the occupation leaders responsible for the killing of more than 13,000 civilians in Gaza, most of them women and children, stressing that “everyone Responsibility must be taken.” If there is credibility, they have a responsibility,” he said.

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