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Bindi Irwin is one of the nicest people on the planet (according to literally everyone), so when you decide to call people out, it’s time to sit down and take note. The conservationist at Australia Zoo has been open about her battle with endometriosis this year, and now she’s sharing the painful truth of dealing with fertility struggles when everyone is pressuring you to have kids.

In a new interview with the peopleIn the stands on September 4, Irwin called people asking mothers if they were going to have more children.

“I feel like it’s a universal question for women, and it’s heartbreaking because you never know what’s going on in someone’s life and what’s going on behind closed doors,” she told the outlet.

“And someone asks you, ‘Why don’t you have more kids? It’s your responsibility to have more kids.’ It just breaks your heart because we all have a different journey and a different story.”

Say it louder to those in the back! there never A reason to ask or comment about someone’s reproductive plans. It can be annoying at best, and downright destructive at worst. You never know if someone has had a miscarriage, is dealing with fertility issues, or has decided not to have children for some other reason. It’s none of your business – and they’ll tell you if they want to. So just don’t do it!

Photo by John Wolfson/Getty Images
Photo by John Wolfson/Getty Images

I almost broke down at Target recently when someone saw my three kids and asked if I’d try to marry a girl. My husband and I were planning to try to conceive this year before I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and had to put all my family plans on hold while I went through chemotherapy. I’m sure the teen thought it was an innocent question, but I almost lost it because of how draining this whole year has been. So listen to Irwin, pleaseAnd stop asking that question!

the creaky! It’s the Irwin family The star, who shares two-year-old daughter Grace with husband Chandler Powell, revealed in March 2023 that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent life-changing surgery in August 2022.

“Undergoing surgery was scary, but I knew I couldn’t live as I was. Every part of my life was being torn apart by the pain,” she wrote on Instagram. “To make a long story short, they found 37 lesions, some very deep and difficult to remove, plus a bag of chocolates.”

In her interview with PEOPLE magazine, she talks about her long struggle to get a diagnosis. “I’ve been tested for everything. Every tropical disease, Lyme disease, cancer, you name it. I’ve had every blood test and scan imaginable,” she said.

Now she finally feels “very lucky” to be blessed with a daughter.

Photo by John Kopalov/Getty Images
Photo by John Kopalov/Getty Images

“For us personally, we feel very fortunate to have Grace,” Irwin told PEOPLE. “I think I wake up every day and look at our beautiful daughter and think she is our little miracle and it makes me cry because we were so lucky to have her.”

She continued, “And chances were high that we weren’t able to have a little baby, so we’re very lucky to have our beautiful daughter. I wish more people would stop before asking, ‘Why don’t you have more babies?’” We couldn’t agree more than that.

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