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The final day of the Russian presidential election coincides with the anniversary of the absolutely senseless move against the incumbent president

One year ago, on March 17, 2023, the International Criminal Court was established. He issued two politically important arrest warrants – to put it neutrally –One is for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the other is for Maria Lvova Belova, Commissioner for Children's Rights, a position within the Office of the President.

The arrest warrants reflected that the ICC, specifically its Pre-Trial Chamber reporting to the Court's Prosecutor Karim Khan, is found What I consider “Reasonable grounds to believe that President Putin and Ms. Lvova-Belova bear criminal responsibility for the illegal deportation and transfer of Ukrainian children from the occupied regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.” Khan also argued that “These actions… demonstrate an intent to permanently remove these children from their country.” In short, the arrest warrants depicted a large-scale kidnapping during wartime.

Public opinion – and publications – in the West prevail celebrate The orders are not only justified but useful. It was supposed to strengthen the protection of civilians during the war and put pressure on Russia by increasing its international isolation, a geopolitical goal that the West was struggling to achieve.

As the Wall Street Journal declared, this was the case “For the first time the leader of a nuclear superpower” He was “He has been brought to account before the Court, an independent institution established… to end impunity for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.” US President Joe Biden believed the ICC process had been completed “Very strong point.” Not to be outdone, extreme senator Lindsey Graham Traditional propaganda is equally reliable Fareed Zakaria Both demonstrated historical illiteracy by claiming that Putin was imitating Hitler. The historian here: Hitler's victims would have disagreed.

Some Western commentators have warned that arrest warrants are unlikely to be carried out and convictions are less likely. However, such reservations did not challenge the overall Western consensus that the ICC's move was right, and in some way beneficial, even if mostly illegitimate. “symbolic,” This is, really, in a political way.

Unsurprisingly, the reaction of Russian officials was quite different. They dismissed both charges Null The jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Russia, like the United States, (after its withdrawal in 2016) is not a signatory to the 1998 Rome Statute, on which the court is based. Hence the decisions of the International Criminal Court “Russia has no meaning” In the words of Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russia even She began her own investigation against members of the International Criminal Court, and later against Graham.

Russian commentators, as well as dissenting voices in the West, have also condemned the ICC's arrest warrants as an abuse of judicial process for political purposes, amounting to a form of information or legal warfare against Russia. the Gray area Jeremy Loffredo and Max BlumenthalFor example, it investigated the ICC's evidence and found it to be fundamentally flawed. Their work was comprehensive, their findings detailed, and deeply embarrassing for the ICC and Karim Khan personally.

The key point was that Khan based much of his case on a report produced by the Human Research Laboratory (HRL) at Yale University, an organization “Funded and directed” By the US State Department's Office of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, an entity created by the Biden administration in May 2022 to advance the prosecution of Russian officials. In addition, HRL's executive director, Nathaniel Raymond, began contradicting himself. While he had initially made eloquent public statements on the Graham-Zacharia record – they even included a curious reference to… “Genocide” -He dramatically softened his claims once they were challenged by investigative journalists. No wonder, as the human rights report was poorly sourced, and its content actually contradicted Raymond's inflammatory rhetoric.

In other words, the ICC Prosecutor relied on a tainted source that so crudely served the information warfare purposes of Russia's main geopolitical adversary, that even its Executive Director eventually became frightened. That this has severely undermined Karim's case and reputation as a professional needs no further elaboration. Washington will be Washington, but why should the ICC join it? If so, she seeks to be respected.

From a legal standpoint, these cases have already been proven to be poor. These efforts are unlikely to succeed, not only because of practical and political obstacles, but, more importantly, because the politics behind them outweigh the evidence. Ironically, they also failed on these policies: the arrest orders did not lead to or increase the isolation of Russia or its president. If these measures have weakened anything, it is the position of the International Criminal Court, and especially its Prosecutor Karim Khan. The ICC is already struggling to gain the reputation it deserves as a willing tool of Western geopolitics, while turning a blind eye to crimes committed by the West. The attempt to engage in geopolitical legal warfare against Russia during the Western proxy war against it has exacerbated this image problem. Whether it is a coincidence or not, the fact is that it was a judge who issued the arrest warrant for the Russian president He has just become the new president of the International Criminal Court It will only deepen this impression of bias.

However, what has recently cast a harsh new light on the ICC's campaign against Russia is simply a matter of comparison, specifically between the ICC's treatment of Russia and Israel. And to get a common piece of nonsense out of the way: the comparison is not “what about” Justice, which is what courts are supposed to be, cannot exist without consistency. To evaluate consistency requires comparison. cry “what about” It is merely a last resort for private defenders, i.e. those who want bias and thus injustice as long as it is to their advantage.

And as early as April 2023, anotherGray area Piece of reports I found that Khan was procrastinating “The ICC case against Israel frustrates human rights lawyers representing victims of horrific violence in the blockaded Gaza Strip.” As critical lawyers pointed out even at the time, a court truly concerned with the illegal displacement of civilians should have placed Israel's decades of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians at the center of its action.

In addition, the International Criminal Court suspended the investigation into US war crimes in Afghanistan. In contrast, the United States began to show a positive attitude – and provide generous financial support – to the International Criminal Court, which it had previously threatened to invade if it dared to prosecute Americans.

And all that before Israel's current campaign of genocide in Gaza, which began after the Hamas attack in early October 2023. Tel Aviv and its Western supporters – in criminal terms, which apply here, accomplices – pretended that Israel responded violently. “war” On Hamas. But in reality, everything – Israel's overt statements and tactics, and last but not least, the public display of sadism on the part of many of its soldiers as well as its civilians – shows conclusively that this is not true. “war,” Horrible as the last. Instead, it is genocide carried out for the purpose of ethnic cleansing, or more specifically, the expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza (at a minimum).

Pushed by South Africa, and even the International Court of Justice – or the International Criminal Court to some extent “brother and sister” The organization has already recognized that genocide is a reality at least Reasonable possibility. It is important to understand that ICJ cases take years to conclude. At this point, the discovery of a plausible possibility of genocide is already the worst imaginable outcome for Israel. Given the fact that Tel Aviv has since ignored all instructions issued by the International Court of Justice to curb its aggression, it is likely that Israel will ultimately be fully condemned.

However, while the ICJ deals with cases between states, the ICC prosecutes individuals – and has been clear in its reticence to bring charges against Israeli citizens. Critics noted that the court and Khan himself were once again tense slow In response to Israel's crimes. Mick Wallace, Irish Member of the European Parliament He denounced Khan K “A pawn of the American empire” Who has shown a pro-Israel bias and cannot do so “To be trusted to deliver justice.” Wallace says that only Khan's dismissal can save the ICC from losing relevance. Even the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a major player in the Palestinian and international resistance against Israel, Khan was accused of being an accomplice to the genocide in Tel Aviv and, unsurprisingly, called for his dismissal.

Only recently, as we look back on half a year of continuing Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza (and, indeed, elsewhere as well), have Khan and the ICC slowly begun to move themselves. However, so far their efforts appear disingenuous. For example, when he was finally appointed Attorney General to lead the investigation into Israel's actions against the Palestinians, Khan was able to find perhaps the worst candidate imaginable. Andrew Cayley It is clearly an integral part of the British establishment. He was the UK's chief military prosecutor. He is a committed and open-minded conservative, but he claims that this does not compromise his objectivity. Last but not least, according to The Guardian, is Kylie “I played a major role in the process that led to” The International Criminal Court abandons A “A long-running investigation into allegations that British military personnel committed war crimes in Iraq.” Ask yourself: If you were Palestinian, would you expect fair treatment from a man with this resume?

As if the International Criminal Court wanted to make matters worse for its reputation, it recently added arrest warrants Against two high-ranking Russian officers. In their case, the essence of the charges is that they are responsible for attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure, which the court claims went beyond what is permitted by humanitarian law. truly? The same court that has never issued similar arrest warrants against American officers, while mass destruction of infrastructure – on a scale unmatched by Russia in Ukraine – has become routine in the American war. The same court that is dragging its feet regarding the Israeli attack on Gaza, which is about the mass killing of civilians and not “Just” Directly but through the deliberate and almost total destruction and crippling of infrastructure?

The ICC does not promote or protect human rights and international law. In fact, its obvious and inappropriate political bias undermines both. Is it possible that the ICC will one day change course, abandon its current role as an instrument of Western geopolitics, and finally perform its function: to seek justice without bias? maybe. No one knows the future. But one thing is predictable: If the ICC continues to follow what we might call Khan's pattern of stark subordination, it will become irrelevant, and soon.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of RT.

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